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Contact your local police and ask them to run the serial number.

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Q: How do you find out if the gun you purchased is in fact stolen?
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How can you find the serial numbers for firearms after they have been stolen?

Go to the seller where you purchased the gun.

How can you find out the serial number of a gun you purchased that was stolen and you lost the number?

Go the the gunshop or person you bought it from.

How do you get the records for a shotgun you purchased so you can report it stolen to law ENforcement?

Contact the dealer the gun was purchased from.

Can you find out if someone purchased a gun?


How did you find out if a gun is stolen or not?

Ask a police officer

How do you find out if a gun is stolen?

Check with local law enforcement.

In CA what do you do if you find a gun you reported stolen?

Contact the police.

Where can I go to find registry about a gun stolen from me after a report was filed on the gun when I shot myself with the gun accidentally?

You need a lawyer.

How do you find out who a gun is registered to in Texas?

Texas does not have gun registration. If you suspect the gun has been stolen, call your local law enforcement agency. They have access to databases of stolen guns and can check this for you and find the rightful owner.

How do you look up the serial number of a gun that was stolen if you never wrote it down and the place you purchased it from is closed down?

You can't

How can you find a serial number from a gun that was stolen?

From the bill of sale or from the store u purchased from Regardless of if you have the bill of sale or not, it will be in there record book that is required to meet the obligations for having a FFL.

How to find about stoleing gun's how do you find out if a gun is stolening?

Depending on where you are, a local gun shop may be able to run a stolen gun request for you. You can do that in Tennessee, *IF* your local gun shop is willing to do it. Otherwise, you will probably have to check with the local Police Department.

Find out if your gun is stolen?

Contact your local law enforcement. They can check to see if the serial number has been entered as a stolen item. IF there is a report, the officer will need to retain the gun to return it to the owner. They WILL need to have the gun in hand to do this, not over the phone.

How do you find out if a fire arm is stolen?

Contact local law enforcement. Give them the gun, and ask if they will check the NCIC data base (as a private citizen, you do not have access to that system). If the gun IS stolen, it will be confiscated by the police, and you may have to testify in a stolen property trial.

Is there a website to find out if a gun is stolen?

There are two or three, but, they are only good if the sn is listed.

How can you check that the rifle you bought is not stolen?

call the state police and give them the serial number off the weapon or take it to a gun shop and have them do a check, but if you were smart and bought the gun legally at a gun show or gun dealer the gun will most likely not be stolen due to the background check and gun registry, also if you purchased the gun off of any tom, dick ,or harry and did not have it registered to you, when you call the police or take it to a gun shop to have the serial number checked you will be going to jail because it is a felony to buy a gun and not have it registered to you .

How can you find out if a gun you purchased was stolen?

You can contact your local law enforcement agency and request that they run the serial number through the FBI's NCIC (National Crime Information Center) database. If the firearm was stolen in the state of Florida it may be listed in the Florida Crime Information System's PAS Database.

Where online can you find out if a gun has been stolen?

Probably not online, but any local police station can run the serial number and tell you. If it did turn up stolen, you wouldn't be in any trouble, but you would lose the gun.

How do you see if my gun was stolen?

what gun are we talking about here

How can you find out if a gun is stolen before you purchase it from a private individual?

Go to your local police with the sn.

You purchased a beretta model 84b 9mm shortwhere can you find information?

Internet, library, gun shop, gun shows.

Where can you find a registry of stolen guns in Texas?

I would contact the department of public service (State Troopers) or The Texas Rangers. There are also a few stolen gun posts on some of the bigger gun forums and databases

How can you find a list of stolen gun serial numbers?

You can't. The best you can do is check with local law enforcement.

How do you check a serial number on a gun to find out whose name it is in?

You can't. Contact the police if you believe it is stolen.

If you have the police run ther serial number of a gun you want to buy and its stolen do you have to turn in the seller?

I think you will find that the police will confiscate the gun and ask you WHO sold it to you///