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if you have a fraction, like in a grade say you got 72/85 you would divide 72 by 85 and get 84%.

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Q: How do you find out percentages on a calculator?
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How do you use a calculator to find percentages?

take any number and multilpy by 100

Where can i find an accurate site for viewing body fat percentages?

An online body fat calculator is provided at many websites. I recommend as they are free of charge.

Could you please explain how a conversion calculator works?

A conversion calculator converts different metrics into others. Inches to yards, fractions to percentages and so on.

How to find bell curve percentages?

There are infinitely many bell curves and you need to have the distribution parameters to find percentages.

Where can I find more information on nutrition facts calculators?

FIrst thing, type in calorie calculator and enter her information to find the number of daily calories she needs to be taking in. Than, type in macronutrient calculator to find her macronutrient percentages, and the specific number of each macronutrient she needs.

Where can I find a calculator that will compute billions?

you can find a calculator in a calculator store that have technpology

How do you write percentages on calculator?

You divide the percentage by 100.Example: 25%25/100 = .25Now to find something like 25% of 4.(of means multiply).25 * 4 = 11 is 25% of 4!

Where do you find percentages?

We find percentages in shops like on clothes if the item is having a sale and is 10%percent off or in food it has a certain percentage in it.

Where would you give percentages in everyday life?

you would find percentages in cooking sale prices grades

What is the past tense for calculator?

Calculator is a noun and doesn't have a past tense. Verbs have past tenses. The relevant verb for calculator is calculate. The teacher calculates our test percentages over the weekend. - present We calculated how much food we would need for the trip. - past

How to determine percentage of cotton and wool in cotswool?

The percentages vary. To find the percentages for a particular fabric, read the label.

Where can someone find a good online calculator?

To find a good online calculator you can try online-calculator website. This calculator offers functions of the high end calculators.