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4 percent of 9
4/100 of 9
0.04 x 9 = 0.36

Thus, 4 percent of 9 is 0.36.

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Q: How do you find percents like what is 4 percent of 9?
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How do you get the percents in problems in math?

well, any fraction or decimal is a percent, like 3/4=.75=%75

How do you write percents as fractions?

1. IF the original fraction has a denominator (bottom number) that is a factor of 100 (in other words you can multiply something with the denominator to get the answer of 100), you can use the following procedure to turn it into a percent. a. Figure out what number has to be multiplied with the denominator to make 100. Now, multiply both the numerator (the top number) and the denominator (the bottom number) with the special number required to get 100. EX: 3/25 Hmmm, I'd need to multiply 25 (4) in order to make 100. So, I'll multiply both the top and the bottom of the fraction by 4. 3/25 X 4/4 = 12/100. b. Now I've renamed 3/25 as 12/100. "Percent" means "for every 100". The new fraction tells me there are 12 for every 100. So, the percent equivalent for 3/25 is 12% 2. IF the original fraction's denominator (bottom number) is not a factor of 100 (in other words, there isn't anything you can multiply with it to get 100), then you'll need to use division to find the percent equivalent. This is trickier and requires you to know how to divide by hand, or you can use a calculator. a. You will divide the denominator (bottom number) into the numerator (top number). EX: 4/7 = ? % 4 divided by 7 is 0.5714 (the decimal actually goes on longer than this) b. Now that you have a decimal, move the decimal point two places to the right. The percent for the above decimal is 57.14% Hope this helps.

How do you find range with percents?

you would divide by 2 then plus 3 times 4 and then you have you answer

How do you put mix numbers and decimals in order from least to greatest?

say you have a dec. percent and a fraction like 3/4 25% and 0.90,make them into either dec. percents or numbers,i'll make them in percents 3/4 is 75%, 25% is 25% and 0.90 is 90% your answer would be 25%,3/4and 0.90.

What is the diff between fraction and percents?

A fraction will always be one integer number divided by another like 3/4. A percent is measured from 0 to 100. Converting from a regular fraction to an equivalent percent is done by performing the division and multiplying by 100. 3/4*100 = 75%.

How much is 40 percent of 30?

It is a simple formula. To calculate percent, all you need to do is multiply the decimal number (percent) by the number you want to find the percentage of. I.E. .4 x 30=12. Just be sure to add a zero to all single digit percents (.02 is 2%).

Changing fractions into percents?

To change a fraction to a percent you must first divide! Say you have 1/4 as your fraction. You have to divide the top number by the bottom number, which will give you 0.25. From there, to find a percent from a decimal, you always have to move the decimal point to the right TWICE. So, following that rule, you'll find the percent, which in this case is 25%. :) Hope this helped!

How many percents is 4 of 14?


What is 4 over 5 as a percents?

4/5 = 0.80 = 80%

How do you find 8 percent how to find 8 percent of 50?

8% of 50 = 4

How do you convert fractionst to percents?

Divide the numerator by the denominator then multiply times 100. For example, the fraction 3/4 as a percent would be:3/4 x 100 = 0.75 x 100 = 75%

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