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It is the distance from the center of the orbit to the center f the orbiting body.

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Q: How do you find radius in rotational motion?
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What is the Difference between periodic motion and rotational motion?

rotational motion is the motion which always take circular path.Periodic motion means motion that repeats with the same inter-well of rotation is an eg. of rotational motion, at the same time it is a periodic motion.

What is the difference between oscillating and rotational motion?

Rotational motion is motion which emulates that of the minute hand of a clock. Oscillating motion is motion which emulates that of the pendulum.

What is the rotational analog of force in linear motion?

The rotational analog of force in linear motion is "Torque".

What are day to day examples of rotational motion?

the spinning of earth around its axis, the motion of fan are some examples of rotational motion.

Are all rotational motion periodic?

I think all rotational motion are periodic. There is not possible of nonperiodic

Can an object have rotational motion and rectilinear motion?


Is the motion of earth an example of periodic motion?

No the motion of the Earth is rotational motion.

What are two kinds of circular motion?

translational motion and rotational motion

What does rotational inertia depend on?

Mass and radius

Which force is associated with rotational motion?

Two forces associated with rotational motion are centripetal force and centrifugal force.

Different types of motion?

i)translatory motion ii)rotational motion iii)vibrational motion

What is rotational motion?

When some object is rotated at same angle continuously than it is termed as rotational motion. For Example: The Tyre of Bicycle.

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