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20th percentile = 16th smallest value

60th percentile = 48th smallest value.

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Q: How do you find scores at the 20th and 60th percentile in a set of 80 scores?
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How do you find the scores at the 60th percentile in a set of 200 scores?

You can't do this without knowing the distribution of scores.

Find z score for normal distribution for 60th percentile?

it doesn't exist.

For the 20 test scores shown find the percentile rank for a score of 86?

75th percentile

What is the Difference between z scores and percentile ranks?

First let's define both, that will help to see the difference.1.A percentile is a measure that lets us know what percent of the total frequency scored below that measure. A percentile rank is the percentage of scores that fall below a given score. Here is how that works.Given a score, call it S and a total of n scores we are looking at, we find the number of scores below S and divide that by n. Next multiply that by 100 and you have the percentile rank.Now a z score is the number of standard deviations from the mean.Say the mean is M and your score is S as above. Let sigma be the standard deviation of the distribution. Then z=(S-M)/sigma.So let's say the mean M is 100 and sigma is 15. S is 132, you did better than average!So z=(132-100)/15=2.13If 60 percent of the people scored less than you, then you are in the 60th percentile.Furthermore, lets say, there were 100 people taking test, then 60 of them scored less than you. Your percentile ranking is (60/100)x100=60So both are measures of where your results falls in a distribution. z scores are often used for probability of a certain result. Percentile ranks are often used in looking at standardized test results or growth data. One can convert from one to the other.I have given a conversion table link below

The annual precipitation for one city is normally distributed with mean of 38.9 inches and a standard deviation of 3.3 inches Find the 20th percentile?

45.665 inches Type your answer here... what is the answer??

How do you find the 40th percentile rank of GRE scores if the percentage of people scoring 650 or below is 93.32?

From the given information it is not possible. You need to find the score, S, such that the percentage of people scoring S or below is 40%.

How do you find the 25 percentile and the 75 percentile of a university?

find the median of the set of data. and then find the quartiles. Q1 would be the 25th and Q3 would be the 75th

How do you find decile on Excel?

You can use the percentile function with values that are multiples of .10 in the function. Say your values were in the cells A2 to A50, you could use these functions for some of the different deciles: =PERCENTILE(A2:A50,0.1) =PERCENTILE(A2:A50,0.2) =PERCENTILE(A2:A50,0.3) =PERCENTILE(A2:A50,0.4)

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You like to find 85 percentile rank of a series of Data in EXCEL?

Use =PERCENTILE(range,0.85) where range is the data that you want to analyse.

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