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find the square root of the numerator and the square root of the denominator

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Q: How do you find square root of fraction without calculator?
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Related questions

Why is the calculator is important?

Without it you wouldn't be able to find the square roots of prime numbers.

How do you find square root of a number without using calculator?

try to find what number times the same numbers equals the number that you have.

How do you get fractions down to the lowest terms without a calculator?

Find the GCF of the numerator and the denominator and divide them both by it. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.

How do you find the square root of 6724?

Use a calculator.

How do you find square root on a calculator?

You need a scientific calculator and the square root looks like this: √ Then you type in the number you want the square root of.

How do you find square roots without using calculator?

Find the multiples of a number, and when the two numbers get really close you find numbers in between them until you get it. For example, square root of 48. You have 6 times 8, so it has to be in between them and so on

What is the cube root of 6 in fraction?

Most square roots, cube roots, etc. - including this one - are irrational numbers. That means you can't write them exactly as a fraction. Of course, you can calculate the cubic root with a calculator or with Excel, then find a fraction that is fairly close to it.

Where can one find an online fraction calculator?

There are many sites that provide an online fraction calculator. Examples of these sites are Home School Math, Online Conversion and Help With Fractions.

How do you find the square root of a number without using a calculator?

It's really hard to explain in an answer here. See the link for different ways to do it.

How do you find a square root on a calculator?

The square root button on a calculator is normally the button which resembles a 'tick' symbol. Depending on the calculator you will press this before or after entering the number you wish to square root.

What is a square root of a fraction that is rational?

If you are expected to calculate it without a calculator then the first step is to write the fraction as a ratio - a top heavy one if necessary. You will find that the numerator and denominator of the rational fraction are both perfect square numbers. Then the square root of the ratio is the ratio of the square roots.For example, to find the square root of 11.11... recurring.You know that, since it is a recurring decimal, the number is rational.In ratio form, this number is 100/9 and sosqrt(11.11...) = sqrt(100/9) = sqrt(100)/sqrt(9) = 10/3 = 3.33... recurring.

How do you find square root on calculator with out using the square root sign?

Assuming the calculator can do exponents, take the number and raise it to the power of 1/2.

What does the fraction button look like on a calculator?

On the common Texas Instrument (TI) it looks like a fraction with a square instead of a number for the denominator and numerator. If you cannot find that button you can also put the fraction as division inside parenthesis for example 1 half could be put in as (1/2)

How do you find the square root of 20 times the square root of 3?

Use a calculator.

How do you find the two square roots in a number?

Use a calculator (if you need) to find the principal square root. The second square root is the negative of the number.

How do you find the square root of a given number?

use a calculator

How do you find square root with a calculator?

Type in the number that you want to square root, then hit the √ button.

How do you find out the square root of 9801?

The square root of 9801 is 99 by means of a scientific calculator.

How to find the square root of pi?

You can always find the square root of pi on your calculator, if your calculator does not have the square root sign, try to use someone else's calculator. It would take you a very long to try to figure out the square root of pi without a calculator, so I would not recommend doing that, but I do suggest using a calculator. In case you wanted to know the square root of pi, it is 1.772004515, I know it by heart. 1.772004515 times by 1.772004515 is a little bit over 3.14, it is 3.140000001, but if you try one number less, 1.772004514 times by 1.772004514, it will get you 3.139999998. By the way, pi is an endless number so I did the square root of 3.14, which is not the whole number of pi. I hope that this will help you! :D GeniusGirlLives :D

How do you find log6?

Nowadays you cannot do it without a calculator.

How do you find the inverse tangent without a calculator?

You cannot.

What is the square root 22?

Using a calculator, the square root of 22 is found to be 4.69041576. However, you can find an approximation without using a calculator: √ 22 = √ (44/2) = √ ((4*11)/2) = 2√ (11/2) = 2 √ 5.5 If you happen to know the square root of both five and six, than you can estimate the square root of 5.5. Alternatively, you could Find the square root of 11 and divide it by the square root of 2. The first method is probably easier. I would estimate the √ 5.5 at about 2.34, which when multiplied by 2 would equal 4.68, which is pretty close to the calculator answer.

How to find square root of a number?

Press the square root button on your calculator.

What is the square root of 489234723?

There probably is not square root to that, but if you want to see just get out a calculator and find outt

How do you find the base of a square in math?

To find the square root of a number you would use the square root symbol on the calculator, √, then enter the number. Ex.: √25=5.