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3/5 and 3/20you need to find the LCM of 5 and 20

multiples of 5: 0,5,10,15,20

multiples of 20: 0,20,40,60,80

the LCM of thedenominators,5 and 20, is 20

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Q: How do you find the LCD of algebraic fractions?
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How do you take out LCD from fractions?

What do you mean "take out"? To find the LCD for several fractions look only at the denominators and find the lowest number or algebraic expression that evenly divides into all of them.

Do you need to find the LCD in multipliying?

When multiplying fractions, it is not necessary to find the LCD first.

How do you write fractions as equivalent fractions with the LCD?

(1) find the LCD. (2) find the factor that each original denominator needs to be multiplied by to get the LCD. (3) multiply both the numerator and the denominator by that factor.

How the LCD of two or more fractions could be of use?

Once you find the LCD, convert the fractions to their equivalents and then you can add and/or subtract them correctly.

What is the LCD of 14 over 15?

You need at least two fractions to find an LCD.

What is the LCD for the fraction 13 over 18?

You need two fractions to find an LCD.

What is the importance of reducing fractions to lowest term?

In order to find the LCD when adding or subtracting fractions


The LCD of two fractions is the same as the LCM of their denominators.

What is the LCD for fractions?

The LCD for fractions is the LCM (least common multiple) of all of the denominators.

Is the LCD of two fractions the same as the LCM of the numerators of the fractions?

The "D" in LCD stands for denominator. The LCD is the same process as the LCM of the denominators.

Is it always necessary to find the LCD to compare the sizes of fractions explain?


When is it useful to know multiples of a number?

What number is missing in the fractions to have a LCD of 120?

What is the relationship between the LCM and LCD?

When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators you must find their LCD and this done by finding their LCM

How do you find the lcd of fractions?

No sure way.just list the factors and circle common ones

What does the LCD do in math?

It helps one find a number so two fractions can be combine

What is the LCD of 5 8ths?

You need at least two fractions to find a common denominator.

Common denominator of 5712?

You need at least two fractions to find an LCD. If that's 5/7 and 1/2, the LCD is 14.

What is common between he LCM and LCD?

The same process can be used to find them. They're essentially the same thing, except the LCD is used with fractions.

What is the lcd of numerator 2 and denominator 5?

You don't normally calculate the lcd of a single number (fraction). You would normally take the lcd of two or more fractions. In that case, ONLY the denominators are relevant to find the lcd.

How are the LCM and the LCD different?

LCM can apply to terms which don't look like fractions LCD (denominator) has to be fractions. The LCM of the denominators is the LCD.

What is the LCD for 3 over 5?

You need at least two fractions to find something in common.

What is the LCD for 8 over 15?

You need at least two fractions to find something in common.

Explain how comparing fractions with like denominators differs from comparing fractions with unlike denominators?

Because when you compare fractions with the same denominators, you do not have to find the least common denominator (LCM or LCD).

How do you find equivalent fractions with lcd?

For the first fraction, divide the give denominator into the LCD, take that result and multiply by the given numerator to create a new numerator for the LCD. Repeat for each fraction.

What is the algorithm for adding fractions?