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Take the measurements of two adjoining walls and multiply for the result.

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Q: How do you find the area of a room in feet and inches?
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What is the square feet of a room 13 feet 6 inches by 13 feet 9 inches?

A room measuring 13 feet 6 inches by 13 feet 9 inches has an area of: 182.63 square feet.

How do you find the area of a room in feet?

Answers for ali room has an area of 1295 sqeare feet. his room is 35 feet long. what is the area

What is total area in square feet of room 48x60 inches?

20 square feet.

How many square meters are there in a room that measures 9 feet 3 inch by 5 feet 2 inches?

A room that measures 9 feet 3 inches by 5 feet 2 inches has an area of 4.44 square meters.

What are some real life situation in which you would need to calculate the area of an object?

You have a 20 feet x 15 feet room that is going to be tiled. You go to home improvement store and you find tiles that are 12 inches x 12 inches and 16 inches x 16 inches. Knowing the area of the room and how to calculate how many tiles are needed is helpful in this case.

How many square feet are there in a room that measures 10 feet 6 inches by 9 feet 9 inches?

== 10 feet 6 inches=10.5 feet 9 feet 9inches=9.75feet Area=LengthXWidth=(10.5ft)(9.75ft)=102.375ft2

How many 13inch square tiles are required for a 13 x 12 foot room?

13 feet by 12 feet is the same as 156 inches by 144 inches. Multiply 156 by 144 to find that the room's area is 22464 square inches. Next, find the area of each tile by multiplying 13 by 13 to get 169 square inches. We need to find how many 169 square inch tiles can fit in a 22464 square inch room, so divide 22464 by 169 and get 132.923077. Round that up to the nearest whole number and get:133 tiles.

How many vents per room?

It depends on the area of your room. An ordinary vent of 12*10 inches can warm up and purify a room of area 10*10 feet.

How many square feet are in a room 28ft by 28ft?

To find the square feet of a room, you are just finding the area. Area is length times width. So, in a room with dimensions 28 by 28 feet, the square feet is 784.

How many 16 x 16 tiles are needed to cover 320 sq ft?

To make it easy to calculate I am going to convert everything to inches assuming each tile is 16 inches by 16 inches. I can imagine a 320 sq. ft. room as a 16 feet by 20 feet room. (16 x 20 = 320) 16 feet = 192 inches and 20 feet = 240 inches The area of the room in inches is 192 x 240 = 46080 sq. inches Each tile is 16 x 16 = 256 sq. inches Divide the area of the room by the area of 1 tile: 46080/256 = 180 180 TILES MEASURING 16 X 16 IN. ARE NEEDED TO COVER A ROOM 320 SQ. FEET

How do you get the square footage of a room when the room is 2o feet 7 inches wide and 19 feet 5 inches long?

Start by converting the feet to inches. So you have 247 inches by 233 which gives you 57,551 square inches. Divide by 144, the number of square inches in one square foot. The answer will come out to be 399.66 or 400 square feet.

How do you find the square feet of a room with dimensions of height length and width?

== Area of Room== To find the area in square feet of a room, multiply the length (in feet) by the width (in feet). Since you provided three dimensions, perhaps you wished to find the volume in cubic feet. To do so, multiply length, width, and height. Be sure your units are consistent.