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Add the five numbers; divide the result by 5.

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Q: How do you find the average of 5 numbers using static method in java?
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Tell about static method?

in java a method is said to be static if 'static 'keyword is used before the method name . foe ex.- static void show(){ ........ } this method has the following property-- 1. it can invoke only a static method. 2. it can't be reffered using keyword 'this','super'. 3.static method can access only a STATIC MEMBER VARIABLE or STATIC CLASS VARIABLE . 4. there should not be static & non static version of a nethod in a class . 5.static method can be used before the creation of d object of dt class.

Is it possible to override a static method?

No. Usually method overriding is done in the subclass(inheritance), if we make method as static it can be accessed using the class name

Why should you declare main method as public and static?

The java virtual machine first execute the static method and without create the object we cant execute .so using static we can execute .. and public is used to out side the classes we can access..this is the accesspecifire.

How do you call a method from another class in Java?

If the method is static you can do this way: Classname.method() If the method is not static then you would have to instantiate the class that contains this method and then call it using that object. Classname obj = new Classname(); obj.method()

Why static method can be accessed using name of class in java?

Because, the keyword static signifies the fact that the method or variable that is qualified using the static keyword is not attached to any object of the class. Therefore we cannot instantiate the class and use the object to reference to access it. The only option we have is to use the class name to directly access them

How do you convert numbers into words using java?

Using toString() method

How do you calculate rainfall using the thiessen polygon method?

Thiessen Polygon method is a weighted average mean method used to calculate average rainfall. The catchment area is divided into subcatchments using the Thiessen polygon method.

How do you get the sum of two numbers?

The best method is to add the numbers, using arithmetic.

What is static and dynamic binding in java programming?

When the method call is resolved at compile time, it is called as static binding, when the method call is resolved at run time then it is called as dynamic binding. In method overriding, the overridden method call is resolved using dynamic method dispatch(i.e it is resolved at run time).

Do decimal numbers have factorials?

by using the Gamma method apparently...:)

Why static block executed before main function in Java?

A class has to be loaded in memory before we start using it. Static block is executed during class loading. This is the reason why a static block executes before the main method.

What is a method of writing very large or very small numbers by using the powers of ten?

Scienctific method

Average of 3 numbers using array?

write a programto enter five numbers through keyboard and find average of then using array.

What happens if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main program in java?

Actually speaking nothing major happens. That method would become just another method in the class. You cannot use that as the method to begin the program execution in your class. Your class will not be a standalone java program and you cannot execute it like you did before using the public static void main() method.

What is static method in java?

A Static method in Java is one that belongs to a class rather than an object of a class. Normal methods of a class can be invoked only by using an object of the class but a Static method can be invoked Directly. Example: public class A { ..... public static int getAge(){ .... } } public class B { ..... int age = A.getAge(); } In class B when we wanted the age value we directly called the method using the instance of the class instead of instantiating an object of the class. Tip: A static method can access only static variables. The reason is obvious. Something that is common to a class cannot refer to things that are specific to an object...

What is a method for representing numbers using only 0 and 1?

binary system

A mathematical method of writing numbers using powers of ten?

scientific :D

Using the exponential method what is the LCM for 96?

No matter what method you use, you need at least two numbers to find an LCM.

How do you access the static variable and static methods of a class?

In java we access static variables and static methods without creating objects. i.e.,we can access directly by using classname we can also access static variables and static methods by using objects which are created by using class where the static variables and static methods are available

Is a method of writing very large or very smallnumbers by using numbers?

scientific notation

What do you do when you are finding the prime factorization of a number and you are using the division method and there are no numbers to divide?

If there are no numbers to divide - not even 1 - then you have made a mistake.

How do you make an average using given numbers?

add them all together and then divide the answer by the number of numbers.

How do you calculate average constituency?

15475 =29% how would I calculate the average constituency for a state using the hamilton method?

When finding LCM do you have to keep going up using big numbers?

If you use the "list the multiples" method of finding the LCM, it is likely that the lists and the size of the numbers on the list will increase as the numbers you are comparing get larger. If you learn the "prime factorization" method, you can avoid that.

Is lemon brown a static character or dynamic character of The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Are you a kid or a kid using answers to do his homework.