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Determine the distance traveled and divide by the time it took to cover that distance. If one travels 100 miles in two hours, one averaged 100/2 miles per hour or 50 miles/hour.


A car travels between 2 towns 60 miles apart in 2 hours. What is its average speed?


average speed = distance/time Therefore, the average speed of the car is 60 miles/2 hours = 30 miles/hour. last update November 22, 2005 by JL Stanbrough

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Q: How do you find the average speed of something?
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How is a distance time graph be used?

To find the average speed or rate of something.(:

How do you find the average speed of an object?

Average distance ______________ = Average Speed Average time

How do you find the total average speed?

Average Speed = Total Distance / Total Time

What is the formula to find the average speed of a given distance and time?

Distance = time * average speed (velocity) Average speed = Distance/time

How do you find the average speed per hour?

Average speed = Total distance/Total time

How can I Calculate average velocity without time?

Will you settle for average speed ?The general method for solving any problem is to use what you do know in orderto find the answer. Generally, you never use something you don't know, right ?Well, you told us what you don't have, but neglected to mention what you do have.If you know starting and ending speed, then average speed = 1/2 (starting speed + ending speed).If you know distance and acceleration, then time = sqrt( 2 x distance / acceleration).Then you have time and distance, and you can find average speed.

How do you find the average speed of some thing?

Average speed is distance traveled divided by time taken.

Which equation is used to find average speed?

The equation is Average Speed = Distance Travels/Time. Just answered it Correct!

What is your average speed if you drive 120 km in 2 hours?

To find the average speed, divide the distance travelled by the time. By this procedure, the average speed is 60 km/h.

Explain how to find the average speed of a car that travels 300 kilometers in 6 hours. then find the average speed?

Divide the distance travelled by the time taken....

What is the difference between constant speed and average speed?

Average speed is a representation of all your speeds between two points, constant speed is just unchanging speed.

What does the driver check while looking a the speedometer?

The driver checks the average speed of the car, which is the distance per hour is going. Average speed is the constant speed something is traveling at.