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To find the base, perce

ntage a

nd rate


ntage = base * rate (rate i

n decimal)

base = perce

ntage/rate (rate i

n decimal)

rate = perce


base * 100%


Base = 10


ntage = 2


Rate = 2/10 * 100% = 20%

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Q: How do you find the base percentage and rate example numbers?
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How do you find a percentage?

To find the percentage of one number you divide the numbers then multiply the answer by 100. For an example, if you want to find the percentage of four that the number three is you divide three by four and then multiply the result ,which is 0.75, by 100 and your result or percentage would be 75%!

How do you find percentage in a histogram?

To find the percentage in a histogram you need to add the numbers together and divide how many numbers you have. For example, if you have four customers that spend $20, $25, $30, and $35, you would add the totals together and divide by four.

How do you find the percentage of numbers with variables?

Calculate the percentage for the numbers and then put the variables back in the answer.For example,20% of 36y = (20% of 36)*y = 7.2*yor25% of 36/y = (25% of 36)/y = 9/y.

How do you find the perimeter of of base?

To find the perimeter of the base, you must add all the numbers on the base together!

How do you find percentage of 3 numbers?

You cannot. Percentage is a binary operator: you input two numbers and get one number as a percentage of the other or, equivalently, the percentage change from one to the other.

How do you find the rate when the base and percentage are given?

to find the rate divide the percentage by the base that is R=P divide B OR R=P/B THEN CHANGE THE ANSWER TO PERCENT

How can you find the percentage of one out of three numbers?

its easy

What is the formula for figuring out percentages?

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number by the base number and multiply the result by 100.Example : what percentage of 54 is 21. Then 21 is the relative number and 54 is the base number. Percentage = 100 x 21/54 = 38.89 (2dp)

How do you find percents of rational numbers?

The answer will depend on whether you want percentage equivalents of rational numbers or one rational number as a percentage of another.

How to find a percentage?

/ The 2 numbers * By 100 and there is your answear!

How do you find a percentage increase decrease between two numbers?

In order to find the percentage increase and decrease between to numbers are easy. All you have to is subtract the number you start out with to the number it becomes.

How to find permimeter of the base of a three-dimensional figure?

Find the length of the two sides of base. Add the two numbers. Then multiply by 2.