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The minimum distance is 15 inches from the center of the closet shoe or toilet to the edge of the lav or vanity.

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Q: How do you find the code for the minimum distance between a toilet and a lavatory sink?
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What is a lavatory?

restroomlavatory means bathroom or toilet

What minimum distance should be kept between a well and a toilet pit?

100 Ft

What is a lavatory seat?

a toilet seat

What is another word for lavatory?


What is a room with only a toilet called?


How do you define a lavatory?

A lavatory is a room with a toilet and a wash basin which may or may not contain a bathtub or shower.

The minimum distance required in front of the toilet to the wall?


Side measurements for toilet rough in?

The minimum distance required is 15" either side/ that is minimum.

What does latrina mean in latin?

Toilet, lavatory, latrines.

Why is the toilet called the lue in England?

There are many names for a toilet: loo, lavatory, latrine, are just some examples.

What is the minimum distance by code that the front of a toilet has to be from a door or wall?


What does lavabos mean in spanish?

Washbowl, washroom, lavatory, toilet, or washstand.

What is correct lavatory or toilet?

Either is correct. And in the US, bathroom means the same thing, though I don't know why. Where I live, we have a lavatory, which is also called a toilet, or even a powder room, and a bathroom which is where we shower or wash.

What is the minimum distance by code that the front of a toilet has to be from a sink?

21" minimum clearance in front of toilets, urinals, lavs and bidets.

Should a lavatory be installed in the same area with a toilet?

They're the same thing!

What is the meaning of water closet?

A flush toilet, loo, lavatory, WC, etc.

How would you use the word lavatory in a sentence?

The boy's lavatory had three urinals and two toilet stalls.The girl's lavatory had five toilet stalls, but girls do not use urinals.A pipe burst, flooding the lavatory floor with hot water.

What is the Minimum distance from the center of a toilet bowl to a wall?

Depends on how much my husband has been drinking

What is the standard distance from the vanity to the toilet?

a tiolet needs a minimum of 15 inches from center to either side

Which words are synonymous with bathroom?

Powder room, rest room, toilet, washroom, lavatory, bath...

How do say toilet in Japanese?

トイレ、トイレット、便所 toire, toiretto, benjo means toilet, restroom, lavatory

What does the water closet mean in London England?

It's an old fashioned obsolete name for a toilet or lavatory.

What is a hinky pinky for bad toilet?

criminal urinal, obscene latrine, nugatory lavatory, dead head

What is a bathroom with a basin sink and toilet called?

There are many nicknames for such a room: john, bog, lavatory, little room, etc. But, in Britain is is usually toilet.

Distance between hinges of toilet seats?

5 3/4 inches