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For the exterior you measure the lenght, width and height - in feet - and multiply them together.

To measure the interior volume you will need to measure the diameter of the drum and its depth, in feet. Then volume = 1/4*pi*diameter2*depth.

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Q: How do you find the cubic feet of dryer?
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What is the capacity of Kenmore 417.83042201 Dryer?

5.7 Cubic Feet

What is the cubic feet of the whirlpool dryer MODEL GGW9250PL3?

That is approximately 3.2 cu ft

How many kg are in one cubic feet or how do I convert an American dryer capacity measured cubic feet into European dryer capacity wich is measured in kilograms so cubic feet to kg?

The accepted capacity for washer-extractors is between 5 and 7 lb. per cubic foot. Accepted capacity for dryers is between 2.5 and 3.5 lb. per cubic foot.

How do you find how many cubic feet are in 4 cubic yards?

Like this:(4 cubic yards) x (27 cubic feet per cubic yard) = 108cubic feet

Are cubic feet used to measure area?

yes cubic feet are used to find area

How do you find out how many cubic feet in one feet?

Feet is a linear measurement and cubic feet is a measurement of volume. They are not convertible. You can find the cubic feet in a 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft cube by multiplying the length times the width times the hieght. The answer would be 1 cubic foot.

What is the capacity of Maytag Dryer model DE410 serial 283538 LG?

~19.5" deep, ~80.25" circumference so about 5.8 cubic feet ~19.5" deep, ~80.25" circumference so about 5.8 cubic feet

How do you find cubic feet in a circle?

You don't. Cubic feet is a measure of volume. Volume is a property of 3-dimensional objects. A circle is a two-dimensional object, it does not have a volume. You could find the cubic feet in a sphere, but not in a circle.

How do you find volume in cubic feet?

Convert all dimensions to feet, then multiply Length x Width x Height to get cubic feet.

How do you find cubic square feet in a room?

There is no such unit as "cubic square feet". If you want to calculate the cubic feet of volume in a room, multiply the room's length (in feet) by its width (in feet), and then multiply that result by the room's height (in feet).

What is the capacity of your Kenmore 80 series dryer?

The rated capacity of a Kenmore Series 80 clothes dryer is about 3.5 cubic feet. That will usually translate into about 28 pounds of wet laundry.

What is 1.25 cubic feet minus 77 cubic feet?

1.25 cubic feet - 77 cubic feet = -75.75 cubic feet.

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