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Just knowing the volume in centimeters cubed of a rectangular prism would not allow you to find the dimensions.

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Q: How do you find the dimensions of a rectangular prism from centimeter cubes?
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How many cubes are in a rectangular prism?

Depends on the dimensions of the prism, and how large of cubes they are.

What is the volume of a rectangular prism with 48 cubes each 1 centimeter?

48 cubic centimetres.

How do you find the volume of centimeter cubes?

To find the area of any rectangular prism, multiply each dimension.

How much cubes at the top of a rectangular prism?

There is no limit to the number of cubes which can be arranged on top of a rectangular prism.

The rectangular prism is 4 cube by 2 cubes How many cubes make up the prism?

A rectangular prism that is 4 cubes by 2 cubes is made up of 8 cubes.

How many cube does a rectangular prism?

It depends on the dimensions of the rectangular prism.

How is a rectangular prism different than rectangle?

A rectangular prism has 3 dimensions. Whereas the rectangle has only 2 dimensions.

What are the dimensions of a rectangular prism?


How many unit cubes are in the rectangular prism?

It depends on the unit. You could, for example, measure a prism in cubic metres, cubic centimetres, cubic nanometres.

how many cubes with a dimension of 3 inches fit in a rectangular prism with dimensions of 2 1/2 feet by 1.25 feet?


What does rectangular prism look like with 12 cubes?

A rectangular prism has two bases, each of which is a rectangle, and four rectangular sides. The 12 cubes are the same as the rectangular prisms, except that each of the rectangles is a square.

What shape can 4 rectangles and 2 squares make?

The answer depends on their relative dimensions.