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Give your numbers the names 'A' and 'B', and use these program lines.

Whichever of the two numbers is greater will be printed.

G = A

If B > A THEN G = B.

PRINT "The greater number is "; G

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Q: How do you find the greater number in qbasic?
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The original version of QBASIC had a built-in compiler (which worked anywhere, anytime), but this functionality was removed in the 'newer' version for some odd reason. QBasic version 4.5 (also known as QuickBasic) can compile, and I believe that QBasic version 7.1x (very difficult to find) is capable of compiling also.

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How you could use a number line to determine which of two numbers is greater?

On a number line, the numbers start with zero and get larger as they move to the right, They are negative and get smaller as they move to the left from the zero. To find which number is greater, you can find the places of two numbers on the line and the one on the right is greater.

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qbasic is important because its technology

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In order to Download Qbasic you may do one, both or none of these two things: 1.) Go to "" and click download or 2.) use "" with the keywords Qbasic free download to find another website with a free qbasic downlaod.

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The probability of rolling a number greater than 1 is 5/6.

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0.620 equivalent to 0.62?

How do you find the product of five numbers in Qbasic?

Most computer languages use the asterisk, "*", for multiplication.

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Compare one digit at a time, from left to right, until you find a digit that is different. The number with the greater digit in this position is the larger number.

How do you find out what number is greater without comparison?

i am no math genius but all u do depending on the number is count

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variables are numbers or letters used to represent a numerical or string constant in qbasic

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comparing integers are when you have two numbers, and you need to find out how to get the greater number. Ex: -3 > < -4. You have to see which number is the bigger number, and then put a greater than or less than sign. so the answer would be: -3 because you have to find the number that is closest to zero on the number line.

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Who created the QBASIC Programming Language?

QBASIC was developed by Microsoft. It succeeded GW BASIC and was based on QuickBASIC.

Who discovered Qbasic?

QBASIC (Quick Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was developed by Microsoft.

What is the shortcut key for input statement in QBasic?

There is no shortcut key of input in qbasic

Why is QBasic called QuickBasic?

Qbasic and Quickbasic are not the same! Qbasic was a free interpreter that Microsoft included with MS-DOS. Although Quickbasic uses similar syntax as quickbasic it allows programs to be compiled.

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