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if you have a right angle and the other called fe is 14ft

then what is fd?

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Q: How do you find the height of a right angle isosles?
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What angles would you use to find height?

right angle

How do you find the are of a right triangle?

Area = 1/2 b h b : base h : height The height is vertical side of the right angle; the base is the horizontal side of the right angle

How do you find the height of a right triangle with only knowing its base and base angle?

You have to use trig. If the base angle is a and base b, the height is b tan(a).

Find area of a right angle whose height is 20cm and base is 24?


How do you find the height of a right angle?

Assuming you know the angle of ascension, and the base, you can calculate the height by recalling that tangent theta is height over base. Simple algebra from there: height is tangent theta times base.

How do you find the area of a right angle?

the equation is 1/2 x base x height or (base x height)/2

How do you find the adjacent side of the angle of elevation of a right triangle if you have the angle of elevation and height?

i dont care about math even though i use it.

How do you find the area of a right angle triangle with all sides given?

(base x height) / 2

How do you find the base of right triangle when you have the height and the angle?

Let the angle = θLet the height = aLet the base = b* means multiplied byIf the angle touches the base:tanθ = a/bb = a/tanθIf the angle touches the height:tanθ = b/ab = a*tanθWhen transferring the second line of working (b= ...) into a calculator, replace a with the height and θ with the angle. The answer will be b.

How do you find the height of a hill with a trig equation?

consider a right angle triangle ABC with AB is the base BC is the height , assume that BC is the height of the hillfind the length ABfind the angle BACuse the above equationBC= (tan BAC) * ABso BC is the height of the hill

How do you find the measure of a right angle?

a right angle is 90o

How do you find the area of the right angle triangle given the base hypotenuse and perimeter?

It is: perimeter minus hypotenus+base = height Area = 0.5*base*height

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