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By using trigonometry or Pythagoras' theorem

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Q: How do you find the length of a pyramid when you know the height and slant height?
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How do you find slant height of a triangular pyramid?

Use the Pythagorean theorem: a^2 + b^2 = c^2 a = sqrt (c^2 - b^2) Where: a=the height (pyramid height from base to peak) b=the base length c = the hypotenuse (slant) length

How do you find lateral area of a square pyramid?

You need some information about the height of the pyramid and the formula will depend on whether you have the vertical height or the slant height or the length of a lateral edge.

How do you find the slant height of a pyramid with a rectangular base?

If you make a line from the top of the pyramid to the center of the base, you have the height of the pyramid. This meets at the midsegment of a line going across the base. Since the height of a pyramid is perpendicular with the base, get this: the height, a line of 1/2 the length of the base, and the slant height form a right triangle. So, you can use the Pythagorean Theorem! For example, if the base length is 6 and the height of the pyramid is 4, then you can plug them into the Pythagorean Theorem (a squared + b squared = c squared, a and b being the legs of a right triangle and c being the hypotenuse). 1/2 the length of the base would be 6 divided by 2=3. 3 squared + 4 squared = slant height squared. 9+16=slant height squared. 25= slant height squared. Slant height=5 units. You're welcome!

Find the lateral area of a regular pentagonal pyramid that has a slant height of 14in and a base side length of 6 in?

210 in 2

How do you find the slant height of a square based pyramid?

I don't know not mine

How do you find the slant height of a cone if you have the lateral area and slant height?

Why do you need to FIND the slant height if you have the [lateral height and] slant height?

How do you find sa for a hexagonal based pyramid?

SA = 3as + 3sl a = apothem length (length from center of base to center of one of the edges). s = length of a side l = slant height

Find the length of the slant height of a cone with a radius of 15cm and a surface area of 1884cm square?

Slant height is 39.98 cm

How do you find the slant height of a 6 sided pyramid?

if you know the height and the apothem, use pythagorean theorem to solve for it.

Why is it helpful to know the slant height of a pyramid to find its surface area?

Knowing the slant height helps because it represents the height of the triangle that makes up each lateral face. So, the slant height helps you to find the surface area of each lateral face.

How do you find the lateral area of a triangular pyramid with the perimeter and slant height?


How do you find the height of a cone if you have the slant height and the diameter?

The height would be The square root of the square of the slant surface length minus the square of the radius of the cone at the base.

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