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To find the mass of a cube by multiplying the density times the volume of the cube. The volume can be found by multiplying the height times the height times the length.

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The formula for density: density = mass / volume. Volume of a cube = edge3 You could then need to find the mass of the cube and substitute the values into the density formula.

You need to find the mass and you need to find the volume. The latter may be calculated from the length of the side of the cube. Then, density = Mass/Volume in the appropriate measurement units.

It will be half the mass of the whole cube.

Use the formula:mass = volume x density

To measure the mass of a metal cube. First find it's volume, V = L (length) x W (width)

You measure its mass and volume and then density = mass/volume.

Well its quite easy: Density=Mass/Volume Volume=Mass/Density SO if mass and density of a cube are given you can easily find its volume.

If the mass of the cube is 96 g, what is the density of the cube material?

It's called "the mass of the cube" or "the cube's mass".

The mass of the will depend on the density of the material the the cube is made of. If you know the density of the material in g/cm^3 you can multiply it by the volume of a cube that is 3 cm on each side (27cm^3) to find the mass.

Mass of a metal cube is how much of metal there is.

This is the question: Please help me

Different metals have different densities, so to find the density either the type of metal or both the size and mass of the cube must be provided. Density is mass divided by volume.

The simplest procedure is find the mass of the cube using a simple balance. Preciously measure the size hence volume of the cube. Then Density=Mass/Volume and unit is gm/cc

LXWXH= volume find the mass and divide it with the volume mass divided by volume equals density

i estimate that the mass of a sugar cube is approximately one gram.

It depends on the size of the cube.

what is the mass of 1 -centimeter cube of gold

The best way to determine the volume of an ice cube is to calculate its mass. The formula to calculate the mass of an ice cube is cm3 x 0.9 gm/cm3.

The answer depends on how big a cube.

Make sure the volume is in milliliter units and then multiply it by the density of the cube and you will get the mass of the object in grams. That is because density=grams/milliliters, so grams=density•milliliters

To find the density you need the mass and volume and then, density = mass/volume. Given a ruler, you can easily measure an edge of the cube. If that is x units, then the volume is x3 cubic units. However, it is not clear how you find a mass with just a balance. You need some standard weights, but these do not appear to be provided. You are stuck and cannot answer the question.

the mass of an ice cube is best measured in grams using a balance.