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Mass of an AppleWhat a tricky question! You can easily measure the WEIGHT of an apple... or the downward force the MASS of the apple excerts in it's gravitational field on earth.

Weight is a very good approximation of MASS... but to determine EXACT mass is something you'd not be able to do in the "backyard."

Weight and mass are considered equivilent on the earth's surface. That is something that weighs 1 kilogram on earth has one kilogram of mass. It will only weigh 160 grams on the moon but will still have 1 kilogram of mass. To estimate the mass of an apple without a scale is to see how much water it displaces.

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Q: How do you find the mass of an apple?
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What is the density of an apple?

To figure out the density of an apple you have to know the mass and the volume. To find the mass use a triple balance beam and to find the volume use a graduated cylinder. After you have the mass and the volume, do mass divided by volume and you should get the density. :)

Why does an apple fall to Earth?

The apple has mass. The Earth has mass. The apple falls down, and the Earth "falls" up. The Earth's motion is not measurable. The apple's motion is.

Why does an apple fall to the earth?

The apple has mass. The Earth has mass. The apple falls down, and the Earth "falls" up. The Earth's motion is not measurable. The apple's motion is.

When a person takes a bite out of the apple do the apple mass stay the same?

No because now part of the apple is missing so the mass would be less. The total mass of the apple is not changed, but part of the mass is now in the biter's mouth.

Would an apple have mass of about 250 kilograms or 250 grams?

The apple would most likely have a mass of 250 grams

How do you find density of an apple?

D = M/V so you could get a measuring cup and fill it partway with water. Then put the apple in. Because apples float you will will have to hold the apple underwater with a toothpick or needle (this will slightly change your measurement). Measure the new place the water is at. This is the volume (in ml). Then to find the mass you will have to weight the apple. Divide mass by volume and you'll have your answer in grams/milliliters.

What is the mass of an apple?

depends on the size and type of the apple.

The mass of an apple in pounds?

"Pound" is a unit of force. It's not a unit of mass. The mass of an apple depends on the individual apple. If it weighs, say, 8 ounces on Earth, then its mass is 0.5 poundmass, or 0.015625 slug.

Does an apple have more mass then a paper towel?

Yes an apple takes up more space than a paper towel so there for an apple has a larger mass.

What is the mass of an apple pie?


What is the mass of a red apple?

Hmm, well it all depends on the size of the apple. Exactly the same as the mass of a green apple of exactly the same size and density. Half the mass of a golden apple of exactly twice the size and the same density. One quarter of the mass of a Northern spy apple of twice the size and double the density.

Why is an apple an example of matter?

An apple would be a good example because it is full of mass.

Why does an Apple fall toward the earth instead of the earth moving towards the Apple?

Because the mass f the Earth is way greater then the apple's mass. Though apple attracts earth it is so negligible that it is equal to 0

Does the apple attracts the earth if yes why you do not see the earth moving towards an apple?

The apple as too the Earth has mass. Both are attracted to each other. However, the mass of the Earth is soooo much greater than the apple that you do not see the attraction.

Where can one find out information on Apple Tours?

One can find information on Apple Tours on the Apple website. When you go to the Apple website just type in Apple Tours into the search box and you will find the information.

Why is an apple example of matter?

An apple would be a good example because it is full of mass.

Where can you find the apple shop?

on a apple tree in apple land

Would you use milligrams grams or kilograms to find the mass of an apple pie?

Grams, beacuase that would be like a ton of milligrams and .0000... Kilograms.

Why is there less force between two apples than between the earth and one apple?

Because gravity is a property of mass and the Earth has more mass than the apple.

Why is an apple easier to accelerate than a watermelon?

Because the apple has a smaller mass than the watermelon does.

What would the mass of an apple be measured in?


Mass of an apple pie?

1 kg

Where can you find apple trees?

You can find apple trees in a park and in a flower shop.

Does an apple have more mass than an banana?

yes, you dumm o a banana has more mass than a apple (dumm pips) -_-

Which unit measurement should be used to describe the mass of an apple?

The mass of an apple is described in grams, the weight of the same apple is described in Newtons. This is the force that a mass exerts due to the local attraction of gravity. A gram mass is consistent throughout the universe, a gram force changes, Unfortunately the weight of an apple is often expressed as a gram without noting that this is gram force.

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