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The mean is an average so, just add all the items you are trying to find the mean for and then divide by the number of items. Example 1+2+3= 6/3=2. 2 is the mean

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Q: How do you find the mean of a measurement?
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Can you find the exact measurement of a cylinder?

What do you mean by "exact measurement"? Do you wish to determine the cylinder's height? Its diameter? Its surface area? Its volume?

How To Find The Mean?

For a set of measurements, the mean valueis the sum of all the measurement values divided by the number of measurements in the set.

What does Ib mean in measurement?

LB, or lb means "pound" in measurement.

How do you find the solution of a measurement of a squre?

Before you can find a solution, you have to know what the question is. "A measurement of a square" is not a question.

Which unit of measurement would be used to find the diameter of lung alveoli?

A micrometer is the unit of measurement to find the diameter of the lung alveoli.

How do you find the volume of a cube with only the measurement of one edge?

Cube the edge measurement.

How do you find the missing area measurement of a triangle?

depends on the needed measurement and type of triangle.

When is the indirect method appropriate and what are the benefits of using it?

Indirect measurement is a technique that uses proportions to find a measurement when direct measurement is not possible.

What does the measurement of 29M mean how big is a baby grand piano the length and the width the answer I received was 29m I do not know what that means?

The measurement of 29m mean the measurement of 29m which is 1 more than 28m.

What does unit mean?

A unit of measurement

What does the measurement millimeter mean?


What does cg mean in measurement?


What does oz mean in measurement?


What does Milli mean in measurement?

A million

What is the meaning of measurement of variation?


How many standard deviations a measurement is away from the mean?

The answer depends on the individual measurement in question as well as the mean and standard deviation of the data set.

Where can I find some measurement worksheets?

You can find some good measurement worksheets which should help you teach your 4th grade students all about measurements here at the following web address:

What do you mean by measurement?

the comparison of unknown quantity against fixed with known quantity is called measurement.

What does metrology mean?

Metrology is the science of measurement.

What does a low hemoglobin measurement mean?

low hemoglobin measurement usually means the person has anemia

How do you find N?

If by N you mean Newtons, then the formula to use would be Force=mass x acceleration. Newtons is the unit of measurement for force

What does rod mean in Maths?

You may mean a unit of measurement equal to to 5.5 yards. Or a unit of square measurement equal to 30.25 square yards

How do you find Lanier foot measurement?


How many words can you find in measurement?


How do you find the measurement of a triangle?

you add and stiff