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mean is the average.

so add all the numbers up then divide them by how many numbers it is

example. (2+2+2+4) 10/4

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Q: How do you find the mean on a line plot?
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How do you find the maximum on a number line plot?

Find the number that is most to the right of the line plot.

What does an line plot mean?

I possibly think iys mean when you put a set of date together and make it into a line plot for example, 22,23,34,11,2,345,67 that's a line plot

How do you find the mean of a line plot?

Add all the numbers together, then divide by the number of numbers.

What does comic plot line mean?

It means that the plot, or what happens in the story, is funny.

What is a plot of a story mean?

The plot is the story line - the thread of the activities of the main characters.

What does line plot mean?

A line plot is used to organize data while it is being collected. It is a type of graph that uses a number line to show the frequency of data.

What is a plot line?

A plot line is the story line or plot of a piece of writing.

Real life example of a line plot?

I'm not really sure which line plot you mean so I assumed it was the x,y axis line plot. One example could be the shooting solution coordinates in a warship

How do you find the range on a line plot?

listen in school

How do you find the average of a line plot?

divide by the gradient

What does unit mean using a line plot?

what your counting

What scale is used for the line plot?

The scale that you find appropriate. If you have a plot of line distances between cities for example you may use a scale 100000 to 1.

How to find the typical number of a line plot?

There is no typical number.

How do you find the unit of a line plot?

ask someone who knows

Why do you need to find the equation of a line?

So that you can plot out the points of a straight line on graph paper.

What do the x on a line plot mean?

Line plot - a graph that uses a number line and symbols to represent data

What does range mean in a line plot?

get the biggest # and subtract it with the lowest #

How do you find the mode of a line plot?

Answer - The mode of a line plot is the number that shows up the most. ex. 1,2,3,3,4,4,6,6,7,8,8,8,9 mode = 8

Can you find the mean median mode and range on a box and whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot cannot identify the mean or mode.

How do you find a y-intercept of a scatter plot?

You have to put a line of best fit onto the graph and find where that line crosses the y-axis.

Which are the mean numbers on a number line or symbol on a line plot?

Mean numbers are the average. To find the mean or the average, you have to add all the numbers in the data and you divide the sum by the total number of numbers there are. You divide the sum by how much numbers there are. For example, if the data numbers for a line plot is 1,2,3,4,2,0. You do this: 1+2+3+4+2+0=12 (Add all the numbers together) 12 divided by 6 = 3 (Take the sum and divide by how much numbers there are) 3 = mean number or average So you just take the numbers from the data or if you're gonna plot it on a line, just take those numbers that you're going to plot and do what I did up there.

How can you use a scatter plot to find an equation of a trend line?

By finding the line of best fit and using the straight line equation formula.

Where can I find some line plot worksheets for my students?

If you are looking for line plot worksheets for 5th graders, you can go to There is a search box on the top left. Type in 'Line Plot" and click on the first link you are given. You can review the pages before you print to make sure it's what you want.

What is the meaning of line plot in math?

a line plot is a line that shows arrays on a line. you get data based on it.

What does linear plot mean?

A straight line graph (on the cartesian or coordinate plane).