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You times it by 2....UR WELCOME

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Q: How do you find the measurement of an angle when they give you it's tangent?
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What are inverse sine inverse cosine and inverse tangent used for?

to find the measure of an angle. EX: if sin A = 0.1234, then inv sin (0.1234) will give you the measure of angle A

Could you find the two missing angle measures if you knew some of the side lengths of a right triangle?

Divide the shorter leg by the longer, then look it up on the tangent table in any trigonometry text. This will give you the size of the smallest angle.

How do you estimate the measurement of an Angle Give one example of how this skill of estimation is useful?

give me examples of estimate

How do you calculate direction of resultant vector when it is math error?

If you are using the tangent function to find the angle, the only time it will give a math error is if the angle is ±90 degrees. Otherwise the answer will depend on how you are going about it and since you have not described your method it is impossible to answer the question.

What does the tangent of an arc tangent of Y give or is equal to?

It is Y.

Angle A measures 41 and deg and angle D measures 32 and deg. What is the measurement of angle E?

The answer would depend on what the shape is. Without that information, it is not possible to give an answer.

How do you find out the size of a regular polygon?

Divide the number of sides into 360 which will give you the exterior angle and subtract this angle from 180 which will give you the interior angle.

How can you solve for angle A when only side a and side b of a right triangle are given in trigonometric functions?

It depends on the relationship of the sides to the angle. Assuming that neither side a or side b are the hypotenuse (longest side of the right triangle) and that side A is opposite the angle A and side b is closest (adjacent) to angle A then side a over side b will give the tangent of the angle A. If either side a or side b is the hypotenuse then when multiplied together their relationship to the angle A will give either the Sine or the Cosine of the angle A. Tangent = Opposite side / Adjacent side. Sine = Opposite / Hypotenuse. Cosine = Adjacent / Hypotenuse. A full explanation with diagram is at the related link below:

What rise will a 1 degree angle give over 13 meters?

The rise over the distance is equal to the tangent of the angle Since tan (1 degree) = .0174 then the rise is .0174x13 = 0.227 meters ( 227 mm)

What are trig ratios?

Trig ratios or to give them their proper name are trigonometrical rations applicable to right angle triangles and they are tangent ratio, sine ratio and cosine ratio.

What are trig?

Trig ratios or to give them their proper name are trigonometrical rations applicable to right angle triangles and they are tangent ratio, sine ratio and cosine ratio.

How do you find exterior angle of a regular polygon?

By dividing number of its sides into 360 will give you the exterior angle.

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