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Hello friend Kalyan and Dishawar's Fix Game can be found in one place. You can earn millions of rupees here. Hello friends. We will give you a play of welfare and sight. Take the rule to take this game.

You will get a one haruf out side of Dishawar, which will cost 2 lakh rupees. You have to play the game at least 40000 rupees. Kalyan's game will also get a single open, which will cost 2 lakh rupees. You have to open the open at least 40000 rupees. How do you get the game First you have whatsapp identity proof.

whatsapp number


is.We will take an id proof from you so that you can not do any cheating.

Dear friend in Satta matka, billion rupees is daily.

Therefore, its game leek and fix rate is so much.

Remember, there is never a single jodi leek in the betting book, always the display of disawar single haruf and Kalyan's single open leek.

When we will do whatsapp 9796296942 then we will give you the game.

You can earn only when you work honestly

If someone did not pay the fees by taking a game from us.

So we'll missuse that guy's id proof.

So the game can take only those fees which can be given 2 lakh.

once open, one open fee for welfare, 2 lakh rupees

And the one-size-one out-of-sight fee is also 2 lakh rupees.

You only have to take a game when playing 40000 only.

We will give you a game before we take a game of whatsapp identity. whatsapp number


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Q: How do you find the next day number in matka?
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