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To find the perimeter and areas of complex shape without a grid you should divide the shape into simple shapes and find the area of each shape alone and then add up the areas all together to get the area of the whole shape. Example: If there is a shape that can be divided into 2 triangles and 1 rectangle then you will find the area of each triangle alone and then the area of the rectangle then add up all the areas together.

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Q: How do you find the perimeter and area for complex shapes without a grid?
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What is the area of a complex figure with a perimeter of 112 feet?

Anywhere between 0 square feet and approx 998.2 square feet - it all depends upon the exact shape of the complex figure. To calculate the area of a complex figure, split it up into shapes for which you can workout the area and then add all the areas of the shapes together.

Why would you need to separate a figure into parts to calculate perimeter and area?

You don't need to if you can manage to work out the perimeter and area of complex shapes. Most people cannot work easily with shapes other than triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and semicircles. For them (us) it is easier to partition the shape.

Can two shapes have the same perimeter?

Yes - even shapes with different area.

How many shapes have an area of 5 and a perimeter of 12?

There are infinitely many shapes.

Can a shape have the same area but not perimeter?

Most shapes have different perimeter than area, as far as value.

Can shapes with the same area have different perimeter?

yes they can

What shapes have a perimeter of 15 and an area of 16?


What is the area and perimeter of a cylinder?

There is no perimeter of a circle. Only flat shapes have perimeters. You can however, find the circumference, surface area, and volume.

How shapes have the same area but different perimeter?

Because the area is different than the perimeters

How do you figure out the area if you know the perimeter?

You can't. The perimeter doesn't tell the area. There are an infinite number of shapes with different dimensions and different areas that all have the same perimeter.

What are the similarities between area and perimeter?

They are physical characteristics of a plane shape. 3-dimensional shapes do have areas, but the concept of a perimeter is generally restricted to plane shapes.

Why cant shapes have the same area but not perimeter?

area is times the side and the top and the perimeter is adding the top bottom side and the other side