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a(squared)+b(squared)=c(squared) The largest number is the c, and you can choose the a and b, since you need to find the a or the b.

For example: You have the numbers 3, and 5 and you needed to find b.




-9 -9

b(squared)=16 Then take the square root


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Q: How do you find the pythgorean theorem?
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What field of work where pythgorean theorem would it be used today?

structural engineering

What is a perimeter of a triangle?

side plus side plus side...or maybe u need touse the pythgorean theorem... a squared+b squared= c squared c= hypotenuse a and b= the legs :D

What is the pythgorean theorem?

a2 + b2 = c2c = sqrt(a2 + b2)Where 'c' is the hypotenuse, a or b is the opposite or adjacent, and the other one respects it being the other one of opposite or adjacent.This only works for RIGHT TRIANGLES.

What theorem on triangles did Pythagoras find?

Pythagoras theorem

What is Pick's Theorem?

Pick's Theorem is a theorem that is used to find the area of polygons that have vertices that are points on a lattice. George Pick created Pick's Theorem.

How do you find the pythagorean theorem of a triangle?

The Pythagorean theorem is a2 + b2 = c2. It is used for right triangles. If you know two of the sides, you can use the theorem to find the third side.

What theorem is used to find the lengths of the sides of any right triangle?

Pythagoras' theorem

What theorem is used to find the lengths of any right triangle?

Pythagorean theorem

Norton's theorem is Converse of thevenin's theorem?

find current throrgh RL by using menemims

How do you use a Pythagorean theorem with cube?

You can use pythagorean theorem twice to find the diagonal of a cube

How do you find the ratio of a triangle?

The Pothagerean theorem.

What is the use of pick's theorem?

The use of Pick's Theorem is to find the area of polygons when they are located on a lattice grid.

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