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Q: How do you find the scale factor of angle PRQ to angle DEF?
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what is the scale factor from ABC to DEF?

Answer: Since you are looking for the scale factor of ABC to DEF the answer is 8 because DEF is 8 times larger than ABC.

If ABC def and the scale factor from ABC to def is what are the lengths of and respectively?


What is the scale factor of abc def?

6 apex

What is the scale factor of ABC and DEF?

the answer would be 10 0n apex

If ABC DEF and the scale factor from ABC to DEF is 17 what are the lengths of DE EF and DF respectively?

They are 17 times AB, BC and Ca, respectively.

What is another name fpr right angle DEF?

Angle DEF is the same as angle FED.

In triangle DEF DE equals 5 and measure of angle D is 55 degree's find Fe to the nearest tenth?

in triangle def side de equals 5 and angle d equals 55 find fe

What is the scale factor of triangle ABC 81216 and triangle DEF 101520?

If you mean: 8 12 16 and 10 15 20 then it is 4 to 5

What describe an angle with a vertex at E?

FED and DEF lol

What is right angle DEF?

It is an angle measuring 90 degrees.

How do you find a triangle congruent by cpctc?

A triangle if not found congruent by CPCTC as CPCTC only applies to triangles proven to be congruent. If triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF because they have the same side lengths (SSS) then we know Angle ABC (angle B) is congruent to Angle DEF (Angle E)

Angle abc is congruent to angle def Angle A is 22 degrees Angle D is 5y-3 degrees Find x y Given are the hypotenuse of 9 and 3x?