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use algebra to find the radius, then plug the height and radius into the surface area equation

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Q: How do you find the surface area of a cylinder if you only have the height and volume?
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What is the volume of a cylinder if the surface area is 200cm2 and the height is 20cm?

A cylinder with a surface area of 200cm2 and a height of 20cm has a volume of about 137.96cm3

How do you find the height of a cylinder when volume and area are given?

Make the height the subject of the fornula for the volume or surface area of the cylinder

How do you find height in a cylinder given surface and volume?

By dividing its cross-section area into its volume

If a cylinder has a diameter of 6 in what is the height?

In order to find its height, we must know either the volume or the surface area of the cylinder.

How do you find the height of a cylinder without using volume or surface area?

you do it good

What is the derivation of the formula for volume and total surface area of a cylinder?

Volume = Пr2h Area = 2Пr2+2Пrh (where r=radius of base, h=height of cylinder)

Volume of a cylinder with area of 30 m and height of 2 m?

If the surface area is 30 m2 and the height is 2 m, then the volume is 12.369 m3

How do you find the height and surface area of a cylinder with only a radius and volume?

Use the formula for the volume. Replace the data you know (radius and volume), and solve for the missing data (the height). Once you have this height, it is easy to use the formula for the surface area.

What is the formula in finding the radius of a cylinder?

The answer depends on what information you are given: volume and height, or surface area and height, etc.

What is the volume of the cylinder?

Volume of a cylinder = base area times height

What is the formula for volume and surface area of a cylinder?

* means times/multiplied by Volume of cylinder: pi*radius sq.*height Surface Area of Cylinder: (2*pi*radius sq.) + (2*pi*radius*height) Formula For Surface Area sa=(2x(3.14)r2+[2x(3.14)xr]xh Formula For Volume (3.14)r2xh

What is the surface area and volume of a cylinder with the radius 9 and the height 24?

Surface area = 1866 square units.Volume = 6107 cubic units.

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