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I=prt (interest equals principle times rate times time.

Rearranging gives t=I divided by (pr)

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Q: How do you find the time in I equals prt?
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How do you find time in I equals Prt?

check ow3ghc

How do you solve the equation i equals prt?

I=Prt is a multiplication problem. All you need is the Principle, rate, and time. Then you multiply then together.

How do you find interest?

I=prt means i=principle x rate x time

What is you equals prt if p8000 r 0.6 and t 1?

u = prt u = 8000 * 0.6 * 1 u = 4800

If I equals PRT and I is 180. r is 5 percent and t is 3 what is p?

Given:I = PRT = 180r = 5% = 0.05t = 3To find p .I = prt180 = (p) (0.05) (3)p = 180 / (0.05 x 3) = 180/0.15 = 1,200

Find the formula of simple interest?

the formula for simple interest is I=PRT (interest=principal x rate x time )

How do you find principle in math?

I=prt Switch the principle with the interest. Then work the equation out.

I equals prt solve for t?

If you mean you want to get t on it's own then I/pr= t. I hope this is what you meant.

What does prt mean?

Prt means print. Prt Sc means print screen.

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What is the interest on principal of 2.000 borrowed at 17.5 rate for 6 months?

At simple rate of interest, the figure will come out to 174.The formula for simple rate of interest calculations is i=prt where i equals the interest, p equals the principal, r equals the rate and t equals the time (in years).To calculate the interest for compound interest, visit the related link.

Solve each formaul for the indicated variable you equals prt for r?

u = p r t r = u / p t