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If you mean surface area, then it will be side squared times six. In this case: 4^2*6=96. If you mean volume, then it is side cubed, or 4^3=64.

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Q: How do you find the total area of a cube with a edge 4?
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How do you find the surface area of a cube using only its volume?

Take the cube root of the volume to get the length of an edge. Square this number to get the area of a side, Multiply this by 6 to get the total surface area of the cube.

The lateral area of a cube is 100cm2 Find the length of an edge of the cube?

The edge lengths are 4.082 cm

How do you figure the surface area of a cube?

You find the surface area of a cube by using the formula 6e2. In this case, e=edge.

What is the volume of a cube whose surface area is 96 square units?

The easiest way to find the volume of a cube is to find the length of its edgeand then cube that number.Here's how to find the length of the edge from the total surface area:-- A cube has 6 faces. If its total surface area is 96 square units, thenthe area of each face is 16 square units.-- Each face is a square. If the area of the square is 16 square units, thenthe side of the square is 4 units.But the side of the square face is the same as the edge of the cube !-- The volume of the cube is (4 x 4 x 4) = 64 cubic units.

How do you find the length of a edge of a cube?

-- If you don't know anything about the cube, then you just have to measure it. -- If you're told something about the cube, like for example its volume, or the area of a face, or the total area of all its faces, then you can use the formulas you know that express the relationship between the volume or area of a cube and the length of its edges.

What is the area of a cube that is 3 cm on each edge?

The surface area of the cube will be 54cm2To find the surface area for other cubes, take the edge length (x) and square it (x2) and then multiply that by six: x2*6 = surface area.

How do you find the volume of a cube with only the measurement of one edge?

Cube the edge measurement.

How do you find the volume of a cube if only one edge is given?

You cube the edge length.

How do you find the surface area from the volume?

You would have to specify the shape for which we are finding these quantities. But let us say that it is a cube, which is the easiest. The length of an edge of the cube, multiplied by itself gives the area of a face, and multiplied by itself again gives the volume. So the cube root of the volume is the edge length, and then the square of the edge length is the surface area of one face of the cube, which multiplied by 6 gives the area of the entire cube.

How do you find surface area of cube?

A cube has six faces, and if you multiply the area of a face by six, you'll get the cube's surface area. The area of a face is given by multiplying the length of an edge by itself. It's like the length times the width to find the area of a recangle, but since a square has a length that's equal to a width, it's just an edge (e) times itself or e x e or e2 for that area. Surface areacube = 6 e2 The surface area of the cube equals 6 times the square of the length of the edge. Cool eh?

How do you find the surface area of 3 stacked cubes?

If they are all the same size, the surface area is just the total surface area, which is 6 (faces) x edge x edge - that is the area of one face, (the length of one edge times itself as cubes have square faces) x the number of faces (6) x the number of cubes (3). Then subtract fom this the area not exposed, which is the top face of the bottom cube, top and bottom of the middle cube and bottom face of the top cube - so that's 4 faces. So the formula boils down to: 6 x 3 x edge x edge - 4 x edge x edge ... or ... 14 edge² If they are different sizes: 1. Work out the total area of each cube. 2. Between the bottom and middle cube, take the smaller and that face is hidden on both cubes, so subtract twice this face. 3. Do the same for the top and middle cubes.

How do you find total sueface area of cube when volume is given?

Cube root the volume and square it multiplying it by 6 As for example if its volume was 27 then its cube root is 3 and 32*6 = 54 which is the cube's total surface area