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it depends upon the shape of the space.if its circle or rectangle or square.for circle ite pie*radius*radius for square its side*side(side of the square) for rectangle its length into breadth.

and for general length*breadth.

i hope it helped.

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Q: How do you find the total area of a space?
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How do you find the surface area of a space figure?

The surface area of a space figure is the total area of all the faces of the figure

How many acres is a square 1320 feet wide and 495 feet long?

Find the total area of the space (length times width) and then divide the area of an acre by the resulting number.

What is the relationship between perimeter and area and length?

Perimeter is the distance around an object. Area is the total amount of space inside the object. Length is the the measurement of one side of the object. Length is added up to find the perimeter. Length is multiplied to find the area.

Find the total land area of belarus?

Find the total land area of Belarus.

What does it mean to find the area of a shape?

To find the the area of a shape is to find the space that is enclosed within a 2D object. Do not mix it up with volume, which is the space enclosed within a 3D object.

What is the differenc between construction floor area and gross floor area?

Gross floor area is the total floor area contained within the building measured to the external face of the external walls. Construction floor area is the total space in a building, including things like exterior walls, permanent partitions, fire walls, and areas in attics and basements. Essentially, gross floor area is the usable space, while construction floor area is the total space.

How does the surface area differ from area?

The diff is that SA (SURFACE AREA) is the area of the entire figure like a cube you would find the whole area of the firgure not the face. Area is the amount of space an object takes like a field to find out how much space it takes. :)

How to find surface area of space fig by the net?

If you know how to find the area of all the shapes of the faces of the net, add the area of them together to get the surface area.

How do you calculate the total surface area of prism?

Find the area of each face separately and then add them together for the total surface area.

How do i find the total area of pyramid?

first find the area of the base. then multiply it by the height and divide it by three.

How do find the area of a shaded region if you have the total area of 201 but you only need to find 60 degrees?

TOTAL AREA=201, REQUIRED AREA=201/6=33.3. As 60 degrees covers only 60% or one sixth of a circle, to calculate required area, divide the total area by 6.

How do you find the total area of the wall?

length X width area LXW=A