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take all the numbers and add them up.

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Q: How do you find the total of circle graphs?
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How are bar graphs and line graphs and circle graphs different?

circle graphs add up to 100% , bar and line graphs don't

What is the purpose of using a circle graph?

In a circle graph it is easier to see shares of the total than in other kinds of graphs.

What Tree types of graphs to display data?

line graphs, bar graphs,and circle

What type of graphs are used for qualitative observations?

circle graphs

What is are the differences between circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs?

Circle graphs show data in a circle, while line graphs are akin to join the dots, and a bar graph shows data in vertical or horizontal bars, but all three show the same data results.

How are circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs different?

a circle graph is in a circular form and represents your data using pieces inside of itbar graphs represents data using bars

What are 2 graphs that compare 2 sets of data?

Bar graphs can compare two sets of data, as well as line graphs and circle graphs. To better improve my answer, double line graphs and double bar graphs compare two sets of data. Circle graphs cannot however, because they compare parts of a whole instead of, as a bar graph would, the amount of something. A circle graph is also incapable of showing data growth over a period of time, as line graphs do. All in all, circle graphs cannot compare to sets of data, and bar graphs and line graphs must be doubled to do so.

How are bar graphs and circle graphs the same?

They both progression up or down

What kinds of graphs will best represent a given set of data?

circle graphs

How do you find the total energy of a particle using graphs?

By reading the peaks.

Are circle graphs different than pie charts?

yes because pie charts are out of 360 degrees and circle graphs are out of 100%

How do circle graphs hep compare different groups of data?

Circle graphs, or pie charts compare the percentage of different things.