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Velocity time graph is the graphical representation of velocity of a body in motion in different instant of time.

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Q: How do you find the velocity in a velocity time graph?
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How do you find velocity on a position time graph?

The slope on a position-time graph is the velocity.

How do you find displacement on a velocity-time graph?

how to calculate displacement on a velocity time graph

How do you Convert the displacement time graph into velocity time graph?

find the tangential slope at the time intervals and you will get velocity.. then just plot it on the graph

How do you find instantaneous velocity from a velocity - time graph?

If time is the x-axis, and velocity is the y-axis, then find the specific time you want to know, then determine on the graph the velocity for that specific point in time, and that is the instantaneous velocity.

How can a velocity time graph be drawn?

Perhaps the question was displacement time graph. This is because velocity* time = displacement. The values Velocity and time are independent of each other. If we draw a distance time graph we can find out the velocity by taking the slope at a point to find the velocity at that time moment. If we draw a velocity time graph, mostly the time is plotted on X axis and Velocity is on Y axis and the area under the graph gives the displacement.

How can a graph be used to find acceleration?

Find the slope of a graph of velocity vs. time.

What are the information that can be obtained from a velocity - time graph?

from a velocity time graph you can find the distance the object travelled per second.

What are the advantages of velocity time graph?

What are the advantages of velocity- time graph?

How do you find the distance from a velocity time graph?

Displacement is the area under the velocity-time graph. Refer to the related links for more information.

How would you use a velocity versus time graph to find the time at which an object had a specified velocity?

this time is basically the instant when an object has a particular velocity(instantaneous velocity). so on the graph draw a line from the particular value of the velocity and then draw a vertical line on time axis to find the time for that velocity.

What is a velocity time graph in detail?

A velocity time graph is still a velocity time graph - no matter the degree of detail that you look at it.

What is the difference between a velocity time graph and a position time graph?

Simply put, a velocity time graph is velocity (m/s) in the Y coordinate and time (s) in the X and a position time graph is distance (m) in the Y coordinate and time (s) in the X if you where to find the slope of a tangent on a distance time graph, it would give you the velocity whereas the slope on a velocity time graph would give you the acceleration.

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