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Spherical cylinder? do you even know what these words mean? Sphere, spherical, is something that's round like a Bowling/tennis/Basketball. Cylinder, cylindrical is somethint that looks like it'd been cut right out of a piece of pipe/tubing.

You might as well ask for a circular square.

It is possible to calculate the volume of odd geometrical shapes, but you need to be able to describe them exactlyfirst.

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Q: How do you find the volume of spherical cylinder?
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How can i find the volume of the cylinder?

Volume of cylinder: base squared times length

Find the volume ofFind the volume of the cylinder. the cylinder?


How do you find cylinder's volume?

Volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*height in cubic units

How do you find volume of cylinder when base and height is given?

Volume of a cylinder in cubic units = piradius2height

What is the formula to find the volume for cylinder by using diameter?

The diameter, alone, is not enough to find the volume of a cylinder. You need the height as well. > Where pi = 3.1416, and d = cylinder diameter cylinder volume = pi * (d/2)2 * length of cylinder

How you find the volume of a cylinder?

you listen to it

How do you find volume when mass and density are not givin?

It depends on the way the question is asked. If you are dealing with a cubic or rectangular object, you measure the length, width, and height, and multiply them. If it is a spherical or irregularly shaped object, you could used water displacement to find its volume. If it's a liquid, you could use a graduated cylinder to measure its volume.

What is the density of a cylinder?

Density = Mass/Volume, correct. However, with a cylinder, you have to find the volume. In order to find the volume of a cylinder use the equation PiR2 * H where "R" is the radius (Diameter/2) squared.

How do you find Volume for a cylinder?

Volume of a cylinder = pi*(radius)2*(height) where pi = 22/7

How do you Find out the volume of a cylinder?

First find the area of the cylinder's base, and multiply that by the height. For V = A x h. Volume, Area, height.

What instrument is used to to find volume?

Graduated cylinder

What do you get when you divide the volume of a cylinder by the area of its base?

You Find the Hieght of the cylinder