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Total Distance: Distance from some fixed point at end - Distance from the same fixed point at start.

Total Time: Time at end - Time at start.

Not sure what is meant by "calculate them altogether".

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2013-03-03 21:25:35
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Q: How do you find total distance and total time and then calculate them altogether?
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How could you find the average speed of a cyclist throughout an entire race?

To calculate the average speed you need to know the total distance of the race and the total time taken for completing the race. speed = distance/time

How to calculate distance from a velocity time graph?

Hey there in order to calculate distance time graph you must make sure that you find the area underneath the graph. This will be its distance

How would yo find the speed of cyclist during entire race?

The actual speed can change all the time. You can calculate the average speed by dividing the total distance traveled by the total time.

What if your father is driving to the beach He drives at one speed for two hours He drives at a different speed for another two hours and a third speed for the final hour How would you find his averag?

Calculate the total time, and the total distance. Divide the total distance by the total time. This will give you the average speed.

To find the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line you must calculate the charge in distance during unit of time?

You calculate the charge in velocity, not in distance.

How do you find the total average speed?

Average Speed = Total Distance / Total Time

How do you find total distance in km?

Take the distance in miles and multiply by 1.609

How do you find average speed?

To find average speed, you take the total distance and divide it by total time.

How do you find the average in mph?

Average speed = Total distance/Total time

How do you find the avrege velocidy?

Average Velocity = Total Distance / Total Time

What do you calculate to find a moment?

force x perpendicular distance from a specific, defined point

How are cars related to math?

Wheels have rpm's (rotation per minute) and you can calculate that by using the circumference formula to find the total length around the wheel. If you have a specific distance you want to cover, divide that distance by the circumference to find the RPM. Or if tires have a maximum capacity it can hold, you'd have to calculate the total weight of the car and compare it to the all four or 6 of the tire's maximum capacity to see if the tires can adequately hold and support the car.

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