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Q: How do you find value of exponents?
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What are the rules of multiplying and dividing exponents?

1. Find the value of the exponent. 2. Multiply or divide normally.

Where do you find exponents in math?


What are the parts of exponents?

The parts are the value,base, and power!!!Your Welcome!!!!

What is the exponents for 66?

The answer to your question is the numerical value of your grammar mistakes.

To find the value of an expression with one or more operations?

use PEMDAS this is called the order of operations and is an acronym. here is what is stands for P=Parenthesis E=Exponents M=Multiplication D=Division A=Addition S=Subtraction You have to do whatever is in the parenthesis first then go onto the exponents... then go to the next operation until all things are simplified. Then you can isolate you variable and find the value of it in the expression.

How do you use exponents in place value?

a place value is for example the number is 1598 what is the place value in tens place is 90

What have you observed from the exponents?

That they can have any value: integer, rational, irrational or complex.

How do you find the power of product?

to find a power of a product you add the exponents

How do you evaluate exponents?

You evaluate in exponenets by writting out the exponents like 6*6*6 = you have to find the product of your problem.

What do you use to find the value of a numeric or algebraic expression by following the order of operations?

Pemdas means parentheses exponents Multipacation division Add Subtract Hope this helps :)

What is the value of 500?

As a product of its prime factors in exponents it is: 22*53 = 500

Find the prime factorization of 90 with exponents?

The prime factorization of 90 with exponents is: 2 x 32 x 5