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healthwise, you will soon have the problem of mold, probly black. They say the best way to cure this type of problem is to treat it like cancer. You will need to dry out all the wet areas with fans, heaters ect. then cut out all the drywall that got wet. remove insulation, and any other material that is in the way or wet. all the way around the toilet and wet area. let everything dry again. check for mold on the floor joists. If there is scrape it all off and apply bleach water with a spray bottle. Let that dry. once everything that was wet, is wet, and had mold is cleared and cleaned. it will be time to replace any insulation, drywall, then tape , mud, and paint. I would suggest using kilz brand paint to keep anything you might have missed from coming back through. good luck snm

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Q: How do you fix cracks and leaking in the ceiling if your second floor bathroom had a leak from your toilet tank and it leaked through the ceiling down to your first floor?
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