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Q: How do you flatten mother of pearl so you can fix to a flat surface?
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What is the root word for flatten?

I think it is flat

How does a map distort special relationships when compared to a globe?

You can not flatten out the surface of a sphere into a flat sheet without creasing some parts and tearing others. Thus a flat representation of a globe MUST be distorted in some manner.

How do you flatten a dollar bill?

it's easy you flat iron it

What is the verb for flat?

The verb for flat is flatten.Other verbs are flattens, flattening and flattened.Some example sentences are:"We flatten the boxes"."She flattens the buggy"."They are flattening the rubbish down"."They flattened the land".

What would happen to a globe if you tried to flatten it?

It becomes flat, dah!

How do you flatten the bottom of a pot?

Place the pot on a flat surface and try to determine where the divot is that is causing the uneven surface. Turn the pot over and use a rubber mallet to form the bottom to the original. Or just get some better pots and pans.

Is the sphere has a flat surface?

It does not have a flat surface.

What is a flat pattern?

a flat pattern is when you take a 3D shape and you basically unfold and flatten the shape so it's in 2D

What is the shape of a liquid at its surface?

In general, liquids have a flat surface, because gravity tends to flatten them out. It is not perfectly flat, and often has waves or ripples if something has disturbed it. Even a perfectly undisturbed liquid is not perfectly flat, since gravity pulls in the direction of the center of the Earth, and there will be some curvature in the surface as a result - but since the center of the Earth is very distant, the curvature is slight. An additional influence on the shape of the surface of a liquid is surface tension. Water, in particular, has an attraction for many substances, and will rise up slightly where it meets the walls of its container.

When a map is flatten does it make Canada and Alaska bigger than the US and Mexico?

Yes. This is a common distortion when you try to map the surface of a spherical body (the Earth) on a flat surface. For example, as a matter of fact, Mexico is bigger than Alaska and Oregon together.

Does too much noise make cake go flat?

no but it makes souffles flatten

Why did Chinook Indians flatten babies heads?

The Chinook people thought a flat head was beautiful. It was a sign of good parenting. Slaves of the Chinooks were not allowed to flatten their heads.