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Q: How do you get 100 by using the numbers 1 2 5 10 11 15 35 50 50 arranging the numbers with a combination of operation signs add subtract multiply and divide?
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Multiplication is the what of division?

the in verse operation or the opposite operation. operation as in add subtract divide multiply

What are the four fundamentals operation with decimal numbers?

Add, subtract, multiply and divide.

What are the fitted word to the 4 fundamental operations?

the 4fundamental operation is add,subtract,multiply addition

Four fundamental operation in math?

+ - x / add, subtract, multiply, & divide.

What happens when you add subtract divide and multiply integers?

You arrive at a resultant, the resultant depends on the operation carried out.

What are the four fundamental in operation in math?

Multiply Divide Add Subtract

What is 18 - 6 x 2 equals?

6 because you have to use order of operation so you multiply before you subtract.

How do you do a Equation?

perform the same operation(add, subtract, multiply or divide) to both sides until you isolate the unknown on one side of the equation

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

What are the rules in solving series of operation?

a. Perform the operation inside the parentheses b. Perform the exponent. c. multiply or divide. d. add or subtract.

What does the word calculation mean in maths?

Calculation means to do an operation such as add, subtract, multiply, divide, square or aquare root, etc. resulting in a numerical answer.

What is the quickest was the multiply by 99?

Multiply by 100 and subtract once.

What is the first operation in math?

it goes parenthesis exponents, multiply and divide from left to right then add and subtract from left to right remember it by saying the word PEMDAS

What is operation with algebraic fractions?

U can add divide subtract and multiply is that what u meant cuz I really don't understand what ur trying o ask

What kind of operation can be done in Microsoft Excel?

Add, subtract, multiply and divide as well as calculating powers. Pretty much anything you can do in math can be done in Excel.

Do you divide multiply subtract or add in the question 18-4242?


If it says about how many times does that mean that you are going to subtract or multiply?

you multiply

If Add is to multiply as subtract is to?


Do you add or subtract when you multiply?

you add

How ADD is to MULTIPLY as SUBTRACT is to?


How do you subtract two fractions?

You have to find a common denominator, multiply them, subtract them and then simplify if you need to.

You are thinking of a number you multiply it by 13 and subtract 209 you get the same answer if you multiply by 5 and subtract 9 what is your number?

Using algebra the number works out as 25

What can you do with integers?

you can add subtract multiply and divide them.

How do u subtract fractions?

multiply the fractions until they have common denominators and then subtract them

What is the inverse operation of subtract 24?

Add 24.