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either be naturally gifted or talent in maths

be a serious and dedicated student

ask teachers for help when needed

do past papers

do independent studying

or if all else fails.....get a tutor!

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Q: How do you get 100 percent on a maths test?
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How do you get 100 percent in mymaths?

by knowing maths dick ED'

What is 12.5 percent of 300 for maths?

12.5% of 300 = 300*12.5/100 = 37.5

How do you find your percent after you get 100 percent on a test and the test is 60 percent of your grade?

[(100x60) + (Tx40)]/100=Average, where T is you average on the other 40% of your grade. Example: your grade average is 90 before the test. You get a 100 on the big test. [(100x60) + 90x40)]/100 = [6000 + 3600]/100 = 96

How do you use the word percent in a sentence?

I got 100 percent on my test!!

How do you get 100 percent on a test?

You study very hard or overnight and you can get a 100% on the test next day!

What does it mean when positive predictive value of diagnostic test is 100 percent?


If you have a 80 percent average in accelereated reader and you make a 100 percent on a test will your average go up to 85 percent?

your average is currently 80 now if you get a 100 on the next test it will become a 90

How much percent is a distinction in maths?

The answer depends on the test or examination. Also, if the results are not normalised, then it can also depend on how other examinees did.

Is it 100 percent have or 100 percent has?

Whether you say 100 percent have or 100 percent has depends entirely on the context of the statement. Examples are: (1) Of the people attending the meeting, 100 percent have complained about high taxes. (2) Getting a test score of 100 percent has a lot to do with your success in being hired.

How can you used the word percent in a sentence?

What score did you get on the math test - a 100 percent or lower?

What is 0.3 percent in decimal form?

0.3 percent means (0.3/100) Using simple maths to shift the decimal point two places to the left we have 0.3% = 0.003

How many points do you get on Mathematics if you get 100 percent in a test?

the maximum marks alloted for the test.