How do you get a 100 killstreak?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Get a 100 killstreak

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Q: How do you get a 100 killstreak?
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Is a UAV a 4 killstreak on MW2?

NOPE! It's a 3 killstreak.

In modern warfare 2 if i get the harrier and then I'm killed but when i respawn the harrier is still up and getting kills do those kills count towards my killstreak to get my killstreak rewards?

no, a killstreak stop when you die and the kills that your harrier do will not count in your next killstreak

What level do you have to be to earn 6 fears 7 MW2?

You dont have to be at any level. All you have to do is get a seven killstreak reward, an eight killstreak reward, and then a nine killstreak reward.

Does the pavelow add to your killstreak?

Yes anything that you don't call a care package for adds to your killstreak

How do you activate kill streaks on the PC?

If you are level 1 you cant change your killstreak you have random chosen killstreak in the randomly guns that you have and those killstreak are 3 spyplane 5 carepackage 7 atack heli. when you are level 5 or 8 dont remember then you can choose your own killstreak

What are the killstreaks in transformers dark of the moon?

There is a 3 killstreak, where you can activate an orbital beacon. A 5 killstreak, where you jam the enemy's abilities. And a 7 killstreak, where everyone on your team (including yourself) gets an overshield.

Does a pave low count for your killstreak in modern warfare 2?

Yes, it does. Any killstreaks count toward your current killstreak unless you got it from a Care Package or it's from a previous life (you died after you got the killstreak).

What is the best killstreak reward in call of duty modern warfare?

The best killstreak is the Tactical Nuke but use killstreaks that you can get frequently.

What is the highest killstreak reward on black ops?

Attack Dogs and the Gunship are both the highest killstreak reward at 11 kills.

What is the highest killstreak in MW2?


How long are you controlling the Chopper Gunner killstreak in CoDMW2 if it doesn't get shot down?

The Chopper Gunner killstreak lasts 40 seconds.

Is an EMP a 15 killstreak on MW2?