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Q: How do you get a gold star in first in math on bonouce games?
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How do you get a gold star for bonus games on first in math?


First in math is the first math games?

We'll i have on for school and there are games but it is educational!

How do you get a lot of points in first in math?

you play the math games

How do you get games on first in math?


How do you get a gold star on measurement world in first in math?

in order to get a gold star you have to play 50 times

How do you get 1000 stickers on the game 24 math first in math?

You just keep playing games, and then you get points. But certain games give you more points.

How many times do you have to play a bonus game on first in math to get a gold star?


What are some bonus games kids can play at First In Math?

First In Math is a math program created by Suntex International Inc., and its president Robert Sun. Some of the Bonus Games offered by First In Math are Factor Wheels, Skip Game, Monu's Path, Pundi's Puzzle, Monuji's Path, Xtreme Algebra, and Into the Vortex.

Where is it possible to play math games online?

They have several sites online to do math games. Here are some of them that look very good. The first one is coolmath4kids it looks very good. They also have another site called math games.

How can you cheat on first in math games?

U can hack one of your friends and then look at what games they have played and then do the same

Who created cool math games?

Cool Math Games is an online web portal that serves as a platform for Flash and HTML web browser games. Cool Math Games first went online in 1997. The site hosts only games that they believe are non-violent and educational.

What was the first video game to have children?

will go to cool math games .com