How do you get lati?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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you get latios on Pokemon ruby, latias on Pokemon sapphire!!

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Q: How do you get lati?
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Is latios or latias most likely found in or near the sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

In Emerald, Lati@s is found roaming Hoenn. You have to choose which you get by telling your mom Red/Blue after you beat the Elite Four. They aren't found in/ near the Sky Pillar. You check where the Lati is by checking your PokeDex. The Lati you didn't choose will be on Southern Island.

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How do you get latimegus in any Pokemon game?

lati megus does not excist i have finished the game

Do you need to catch the lati that you chose in littleroot befare going to southern island?

no you don't

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