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if you mean how to unlock new characters then try killing them through missions. Some are unlockable by other ways

Archer: Reach level 5 Bow Mastery with any character.Beast Tamer: Capture a monster.Celestial Host: Successfully complete Axel mode 3-3.Chaos Soldier: Successfully complete the game.Disgaea Ronin: Have a saved game file from Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness.Druid: Execute a 500+ Geo combo.Entei Monster Class: Successfully complete Axel mode 2-3.Female Ninja: Reach level 5 Fist and Staff Mastery with any character.Female Samurai: Have a saved game file from Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness.Gunner: Reach level 5 Gun Mastery with any character.Heavy Knight: Reach level 3 Spear Mastery with any character.Magic Knight: Reach level 3 Sword and Staff Mastery with any character.Male Ninja: Reach level 5 Fist and Sword Mastery with any character.Mass Produced Kurtis: Successfully complete Extra Stage 4.Samurai: Reach level 5 Sword Mastery with any character.Sinner: Become a criminal with any character.

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Q: How do you get more people in disgaea 3?
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How many episodes are there of disgaea?

so far there are 12, im not certan of disgaea 2 and 3, but the anime disgaea with laharl, there are only 12.

What level is Gig in disgaea 3?

Level 100

Is Disgaea a manga?

The game "Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness" played on PSP has been adapted into a manga called Disgaea or in romanji Makai Senki Disgaea. There is also a Disgaea 2. So, yes, it is a manga.

When did Disgaea Infinite happen?

Disgaea Infinite happened in 2009.

When was Mugen Keitai Disgaea created?

Mugen Keitai Disgaea was created in 2004.

What are the release dates for Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice - 2008 VG?

Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice - 2008 VG was released on: Japan: 31 January 2008 USA: 26 August 2008

When was Disgaea Infinite created?

Disgaea Infinite was created on 2009-11-01.

In disgaea how do you make archers do more damage?

the higher the ATK and HIT stats the more damage

How many seasons did disgaea have?

The Disgaea anime is just one season with 12 episodes.

Does Disgaea have a manga?

Yes, there is one based on the game. it's called Makai Senki Disgaea.

How many Disgaea games are for Nintendo ds?

So far, there is only one: Disgaea DS

Where can you buy disgaea 3?

Disgaea 3 can be somewhat hard to find. If you are in the US, some GameStop stores still carry D3. Your best bet might be to check online retailers. Nippon Ichi's own website would be a good start.