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Q: How do you get rid of the grid in your background?
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How do you change the background picture on a computer from a grid to the whole picture?

set as a desktop

How do you draw grid on 8x10 picture for 12x12 canvas?

You will have to decide whether you want to crop the original image or to draw/paint the original as is and fill in the extra space on either side with an extension of the background. If you want to crop, make your grid on the original in 2" increments and the canvas grid in 3" increments. If you want to extend the background on the canvas, go for a 2" grid on the original and a 2 1/2" grid on the canvas.

Why does a grid show up on your Word page and how do I get rid of it?


What are the functions of each of the 5 grids of a Pentagrid Converter tube starting at the grid closest to the cathode in its use in a Superheterodyne Radio?

There are three varieties of pentagrids. Initial type - 6A7 type (converter). Grid 1 - oscillator grid, Grid 2 - oscillator anode, Grid 3 - screen grid, Grid 4 - signal grid, Grid 5 - screen grid. Development - 6SA7/1R5 type (converter). Grid 1 - oscillator grid, Grid 2 - screen grid, Grid 3 - signal grid, Grid 4 - screen grid, Grid 5 - suppressor grid. Development - 6L7 (mixer). Grid 1 - signal grid, Grid 2 - screen grid, Grid 3 - oscillator injection grid, Grid 4 - screen grid, Grid 5 - suppressor grid.

I created a MySpace background from a background generator and every time i put a new background it doesn't work the one i created just stays on how do you get rid of it?

If you want to change your layout/ willl have to delete your old one, before adding on the new one.

How do you change your iTunes background color?

For Itunes version 10.0 go to the itunes tab in the upper right corner, go to preferences, and there should be an option saying grid view and voila! you now have the option of a dark/light background!

How do you get rid of the white background color in Windows Vista Microsoft PowerPoint?

If your talking about Microsoft Powerpoint 2007, you click on the tab that says view and click background. :p

What rhymes with kid?

grid, mid, quid, slidyid, aphid,Lid, bid, rid, did, hid.Madrid, Squid1 syllable:bid, cid, cyd, did, grid, hid, id, ihde, kidd, kidde, kyd, lid, mid, quid, rid, schmid, sid, skid, slid, smid, squid, syd (short for sydney)2 syllables:adid, amid, el cid, forbid, madrid, majid, rebid, redid, sayed, undid, what didBid, did, rid, lid, yid, aphid,Bid, Cid, Did, Hid, Lid, Rid, Vid Yid

What is coordinate grid?

a coordinate grid is a grid that has coranades on it (ex.(4,7))

How does a qr code work Please don't give me a link to a website?

A QR code has black modules appearing in a square grid on a white background, these are readable by an imaging device.

What is grid tool in corel draw?

A grid tool is like an engineering pad that has grid squares on it so that a person has uniform references for drawing an object. In all Graphics programs, grids are used as a background reference (either in pixels or inches) to give a size reference for the image being worked on. Grids can be set to specific sizes (5 pixels, .5 inches, e.g.) for specific project requirements.

What word can you spell with the letters digro?

There is no 5-letter anagram. The longest words are gird and grid. Shorter words are dig, dog, god, rid, rig, rod, do, id, and I.