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You need to be a little more specific: tenths of what?

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Q: How do you get tenths to inches?
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Related questions

How do you convert inches to tenths of inches?

If you need to convert them you take the number of inches and move the decimal over one space. Example: 2.0 inches = what number of tenths? 2.0 becomes 20 There are 20 tenths of inches in 2 inches.

What is 4 and a half inches converted to tenths?

What 4 foot 6 inches converted to tenths

How many tenths are in 2 inches?

There are ten tenths in an inch. Therefore, 2 inches would have 20 tenths.

What is the formula to convert tenths into inches?

It depends on tenths of what!

How do you do tenths to inches?

The question does not make sense unless you specify tenths of what! Tenths of a mile, tenths of a foot, tenths of an inch, tenths of a micrometre etc.

How do you find out how many tenths are in a foot in inches?

10 tenths

What is two tenths of a centimeter in inches?

0.0787402 inches.

What is seven-tenths of 60 inches?

42 inches

How do you convert tenths of inches to inches?

One tenth of an inch = .1 inches.

How do you find 9.3 on a ruler?

Use the "Tenths" scale of inches, or the centimetres and millimetres scale.

What is 5 tenths of an inch?

0.5 inches

Where is 1.9 inches on a ruler?

Rulers are divided into inches and fractions of an inch. One of those fractions will be tenths of an inch. So you want one inch and 9 tenths of an inch to make 1.9 inches.

What is 42 inches to the nearest tenth?

42 inches to the nearest tenths is 42.0 inches.

To convert 4 inches to tenths of a Foot?

4 inches = 4/12 feet = 1/3 foot = 3-1/3 tenths of a foot.

How many inches is 71067812 tenths?

71067812 tenths what? Feet? metres? miles? light years?

How many inches is 8 tenths of a foot?

(.8)(12 in) = 9.6 inches

How many tenths of an inch in a foot?

There 12 inches to a foot, so 120 tenths of an inch to a foot.

What is the nearest tenth of an inch 3.418?

3.418 inches to the nearest tenths is 3.4 inches.

How many inches in 3 tenths of a meter?

3/10 meter = about 11.81 inches.

Convert Seven tenths of an inch to inches?


How many tenths of a foot are there in 12 inches?


How do you convert tenths of a foot to inches?

Divide by 10

What is 5 tenths of a yard in numbers?

18 inches

How do you convert inches into tenths?

how much is a .10 of an inch

Eight inches two hundred thousandths and one tenths?