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Well, you take y=mx+b and you fill in the numbers

M= slope

y= y-coordinate

x= x-coordinate

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Q: How do you get the answer for a linear equation if the equation is in y equals mx plus b?
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In the linear equation is the variable for the y intercept b or c ie y equals mx plus b or y equals mx plus b?

in the equation: y=mx+b , the y-intercept is represented by "b".

What is the name for the linear equation y equals mx plus b?

That is called slope - intercept form

The position of an object starting from rest is described by the equation x equals 0.5at2 where x and t are measured variables Determine a based on the equation y equals mx plus b?

X equals 0.5at squared is a quadratic equation. It describes a parabola. Y equals mx plus b is a linear equation. It describes a line. You cannot describe a parabola with a linear equation.

The formula y equals mx plus b is known as?

A linear equation in the slope intercept form or the standard form.

Is 2x equals 3y plus 1 a linear equation?

Yes it is, since it can be represented in the form y = mx + b

Is y equals mx plus b an equation?


What kind of equation is y equals mx plus b?

A straight line equation

Is y equals 13x linear?

The equation y = 13x is in the form "y = mx + b" (in this case, b is zero). Therefore, the equation is linear.

Is y equals x2 plus 2 a linear equation?

No, y=x^2 + 2 is a quadratic equation. A linear equation is one in the form y=mx+b. A quadratic has a form y=ax^2+bx+c.

What is the term for y equals mx plus b?

It is the equation formula for a straight line equation.

Is this equation linear or nonlinear y equals -3x-2?


Y equals 3x plus 1 equation?


Is y equals 5x a linear equation?

A linear equation is of the form y=mx+c, where m and c are constants. Therefore, y=5x is a linear equation. Here m=5 and c=0.

Is y equals mx plus b linear equation when b equals 0?

Yes. A linear equation is one in which the maximum power of a variable (usually x) is 1. In y = mx + b the x has a maximum power of 1. If b = 0, the equation becomes y = mx and x still has a maximum power of 1. The b is the y-intercept, ie it shifts the line up/down the y-axis and does not affect the shape of the graph, which stays a line: hence a linear equation.

Y equals mx plus c c?

That is the standard equation to graph a line.

Y equals mx plus b What is b?

In the equation y = mx+b, b is the y-axis intercept.

What is m in the slope y equals mx?

m is the gradient or slope of the linear equation y = mx. It is a measure of the change in y for a unit change in x.

Equation for a linear relationship?

y = mx + b

How do you solve the equation Mx plus Nx equals Px?

you multiply m n p

What is formed by the equation y equals mx plus b?

It is the Slope-Intercept Form of a linear equation. y=y-value x=x-value m=slope of the line b=y-intercept thx 4 the answer

How do you use the word linear in a sentence?

An example of a linear equation is : y=mx+b.

General form of linear equation?

y = mx + b

What is the mathematical equation for linear work?


What if you have the equation of y-1 equals x and you want it to b in y equals mx plus b?

the y-1 is a minus .

Differences between linear and non linear?

If you graph a Linear equation it will be a strait line. If it doesn't come out strait, its not linear. Also a linear equation can be put into y=mx+b, with mx meaning the slope and b meaning Y-intersept.