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Find the total amount of possible outcomes, that's your denominator for the fraction, the bottom number, and find the amount of successes, that's your numerator, the top number. Turn the fraction into a decimal and that's your answer.

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Q: How do you get the decimal equation for probability?
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What is the probability 24 out of 32 as a decimal?

It is: 0.75

How do you write this as decimal 3.662?

This equation is already a decimal.

Is normal distribution also a probability distribution?

Yes. When we refer to the normal distribution, we are referring to a probability distribution. When we specify the equation of a continuous distribution, such as the normal distribution, we refer to the equation as a probability density function.

A probability distribution is an equation that?

Associates a particulare probability of occurrence with each outcome in the sample space.

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0.35 or 35%

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percentage, decimal, fraction

What are the Three Approaches to finding a Probability?

1. subjective probability (intelligent guess) 2. relative frequency (in percent) 3. classical probability (in decimal)

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