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Q: How do you get the yellow triangle off your lock?
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What does it mean when a yellow triangle on vw beetle?

Yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it? Your four-way flashers are on.

How do you fix triangle yellow exclamation from my 2003 MDX?

on the left panal by the sun roof and there is a vsa off button push that and the light will go on and off

What logo has a blue triangle with a yellow c and a mermaid?

The logo with a blue triangle and yellow c and mermaid is Cressi.

What does a yellow triangle mean on a BMW dashboard?

Yellow triangle is the traction control light, It comes on( flashes) if you get wheelspin,like on an M# in the rain;). It will stay on if you turn DSC off, or if you have a wheel speed sensor problem(asb light would also be on)

How can I tell if DSC is turned off on my mini cooper?

There should be a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside flashing from the revometer/speedo.

What is the warning light yellow triangle with exclamation symbol on vito 112 cdi?

It means the Anti-Lock brake system or Traction Control has been deactivated due to a problem. Have this repaired immediately.

Why do certain answers have a red lock?

A Red LockA red lock means the answer is Preserved and can't be changed by regular contributors or by Supervisors. And what about answers that have a yellow lock?A yellow lock means the answer is Protected; Supervisors are allowed to unlock this type of answer and make changes.

Errors or warnings in Device Manager are displayed as a?

yellow triangle or yellow exclamation mark

When was Off the Lock created?

Off the Lock was created on 1989-05-21.

What does the skull in a yellow triangle mean?

Posion or harmful

What logo has a yellow triangle and silver C?


How do you set up a pool triangle?

from top to bottom yellow red yellow yellow black red red yellow red yellow yellow red yellow red red