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Q: How do you get to maxie's sub on route 128?
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Where is the sub at in Pokemon sapphire?

it easy , you must use surf then go to route 128

Pokemon ruby where is team magmas sub?

You have to dive beside Sootopolis in different spots until you find one with an entrance, then you will find the sub. dive on route 128 and look for a cavern it should be there

Where is the sub team aqua stole?

The sea floor cabin.just one square tto the right of route 128 on the'll need rock smash and strength to get around the cave.

Where is maxies cave where he stores the blue orb?

its in jagged pass

In Pokemon Sapphire where is the stolen sudmarine?

on route 128, there is a place for you to dive, if you look on the poknav its near the bottom of the darker blue section. there should be a door in the rock go thou and there in the sub, then all you have to do is surface.

How do you get to the Pokemon league on Pokemon erald?

route 128

How do you find a heartscale in Pokemon Emerald?

Luvdisc (fishing in Route 128 & Evergrande City) have a 50% chance of holding one and you may also find some in the following locations (Itemfinder may be required):Route 104, Route 105, Route 106, Route 109, Route 115, Route 118, Route 124, Route 126,Route 127, Route 128 and Lilycove City

What route in Pokemon ruby is the under water cave?

The underwater cave is located in route 128.

Where do you go to get to the submarine on sapphire?

Seafloor cavern in route 128

Pokemon sapphire were can you find wail lord?

at route 128

Kyogre on route 125 Pokemon emerald?

its route 128 in between two islands with a trainer apiece

Where can you fund a corsala in Pokemon ruby?

On Route 128, and in Evergrande City.