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Q: How do you get tyrogue's stats to be equal?
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What is tyrogues friend area in Pokemon Red rescue team?

Tyrogue's friend area is mt. Discipline

Which is better tyrouge lavinitar cranidos?

larvitar. Even though tyrogues forms are pretty good when evolved, Larvitars is the best.

Is Reversal or Revenge better for Hitmonlee?

I would say Revenge It took me forever to get a Hitmonlee All my Tyrogues kept evolving into Hitmontop. *facepalm*

What levels do tyrogue learn moves?

It depends which generation you play. Visit the site below and scroll down and find all Tyrogues moves. There it says at what levels Tyrogue learns different moves. You can change generation there as well.

What is the purpose of the compromise?

The purpose of the Missouri compromise is that it kept the number of slave stats and the number of free stats equal.

What is the best cape in aqworlds?

all capes are equal when it comes to stats

How get a tyrogue in to a hitmontop?

At level 20 its attack and defense stats must be equal

What is a good Pokemon for your set?

A good Pokemon is a Pokemon with balanced stats not overlly offensive or defensive just equal.

How do you get tyrogues defence higher than his attack?

Simplest way is to get him to level 20, which is when he wants to evolve. Cancel the evolution unless it's Hitmochan's silhouette. Afterward, feed the Tyrogue Iron until his defense stat is higher than his attack stat, then follow it up with a rare candy to avoid any outside factors affecting the stat increase.

How do you get hitmontop in Pokemon HeartGold?

To get a Hitmontop in Pokemon Heart Gold, firstly you must get a Tyrogue, then it will evolve at level 20 into a Hitmontop, though Tyrogue Attack and Defence stats must be equal, if one of the other are not equal, Tyrogue will either evolve into a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan. Jacko25

Were do you find the Pokemon hitmontop in Pokemon diamond version?

Level up a Tyrogue to Level 20 (or higher). If its Attack stat and Defense stats are equal, it will evolve into Hitmontop.

How do you get the Pokemon hitmontop on Pokemon HeartGold?

When you get tyrouge from the leader of the fighting dojo, make sure his attack and defense stats are EQUAL. if they are when he hits level 20, he will evolve into hitmontop.